Middle Eastern Crisis in the Evaluation of the Iranian Experts and Analytical Circles

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This article touches upon the work of the expert and analytical centers of Islamic Republic of Iran. Special attention is paid to the Iranian expert researches dedicated to the Middle East. Author of the article gives an account of the Iranian analytical centers. According to the researches of M. Shuri author emphasizes aims and goals of the Iranian foreign policy in the Middle East and in other regions. Concept of the “Axis of Resistance” is descripted as basic in the Iranian Arab policy. Author underlines importance of the strategic partnership between Iran from one side and Syria, Iraq and Hezbollah Movement from the other side. Author realizes Iranian expert appreciation of role of the outside actors (United States, Europe, Russia, China) in the region and the Saudi-Iranian relations. Because of the fact that Iranian-Saudi regional rivalry is one of the key factors of the political situation in the region. According to evaluations of the Center of the Arabic researches both countries have to normalize bilateral relations. Though experts of the Center of the Strategic Studies and of the University of Tabatabai consider that Saudi Arabia and Qatar are responsible for activity of the extremeist and terrorist jihadi groups. The article also exposes views of the Iranian experts on possibilities of SCO and BRICS in the Middle East region.

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Alexander Andreevich Kuznetsov

The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration

Email: samarkand4@yandex.ru


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