No 1 (2010)


Geological structure of Florida, USA

Kotelnikov A.E., Diakonov V.V., Kotelnikov E.E.


The analysis of geological features of peninsula Florida has been made on basis of the materials collected in the World Wide Web. Also it has been performed satellite imagery interpretation of the peninsula.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2010;(1):5-9
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Hexagonal symmetry of the East-European platform basement's structure

Muraviov V.V., Sveshnikov K.I.


The new scheme of East European platform basement's zonation is discussed. The regularities of geological complexes location allow to separate four geoblocks/ Geoblocks, which are located symmetrically, have similar structure, composition and size.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2010;(1):10-19
pages 10-19 views

Geochemical foundations of regional geological work in Russia

Filatov E.I., Golovin A.A., Trefilova N.Y.


Complex of work is considered to provide geochemical basis for regional geological work in Russia.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2010;(1):20-23
pages 20-23 views

Application of the geostatistical Module ArcGIS for study of a geochemical field (on an example of a site Ponpel-Shor, Polar Ural)

Markov V.E., Georgievskiy А.F., Frolov L.V.


The maps of distribution of gold concentration and its elements-indicators on a surface were constructed for the site of gold mineralization Ponpel-Shor (Polar Ural). The application of the geostatistical Module ArcGIS allows to study anisotropic distribution of elements and confirms the assumption that the gold mineralization was formed in 2 stages.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2010;(1):24-29
pages 24-29 views

Metamorphism and the time of the Lead-Zink ores formation in the Kholodninskoe deposit (North-Pribaikal area)

Dobrovolskaya M.G., Eremin N.A.


The new data permitted to precise the relation between metamorphic and ore formation processes in the Kholodninskoe polymetallic deposit.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2010;(1):30-35
pages 30-35 views

Central America mining industry under «the press» of the World economic crisis

Pavlinova N.V.


Silver is found as by-product component in such countries as Costa-Rica, Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua in polymetallic, gold and directly in gold-silver deposits. Small gold-silver deposits are being prospected in Salvador; precious metals intensive are being prospected in Costa-Rica, but their producing is presented less than 1% of Gross Domestic Product, in Guatemala producing of silver has increased by 7 times from 2005 to 2007 years, but in Nicaragua increased by 2 orders. even thought the mining industry in Central America has experienced minimal growth from 2005, it still faces uncertainty due to World Financial Crisis.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2010;(1):36-44
pages 36-44 views

Geochemical searches of ore deposits on gas of iodine auras

Trofimov N.N., Rychkov A.I.


The first experience of study atmochemical iodine auras in the atmosphere above ore deposits by a remote sensing data is considered. Their great importance for increasing of deepness and quickness of geochemical search methods is shown.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2010;(1):45-50
pages 45-50 views

Some aspects of genesis of amber from Primorskoye deposit

Georgievsky A.F., Bugina V.M., Ivanova N.S.


The new data ascertaining amberisation process and the amber s transfer mechanism into the sedimentation basin are considered.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2010;(1):51-58
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Problems of silver import to India, connected with the world economic crisis

Pavlinova N.V.


In India 76% of silver simultaneously is extracted from lead-zinc and from small quantity of Gold deposits. About 30% of consuming silver is produced in country. India occupied the third place of silver consuming in 2007 year. Silver is using in such areas as technological fields of industry and jewelry industry, producing tableware, mirrors and textile. Financial crisis and demand of metal prices had a bad influence on import of Indian silver.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2010;(1):59-64
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Geological phenomena - «falling stones from clouds» in Velikij Ustug

Abramov V.Y., Kolosova G.N., Lobzova R.V., Saenko A.G., Magazina L.O., Popov I., Maslov K.I.


In Velikij Ustug region stones with some specific features are known. According to ancient legends and chronicles these stones presumably are of meteoritic origin. The detailed mineralogo-petrographical, petrophysical and mineragraphycal analyses of one of such stones showed, that most probably it has Earth origin.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2010;(1):65-71
pages 65-71 views

Petrochemical specialities of volcanic rocks in the South of Gornaya Shoria, Telbes region

Diakonov V.V., Kotelnikov E.E., Kotelnikov A.E.


Volcanic and subvolcanic rocks that compose Telbes paleovolcanic structure in Gornaya Shoria according to the results of chemical analyses belong to an integral volcano-plutonic association.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2010;(1):72-76
pages 72-76 views

Petrochemical structure of Early Vendian basalt series in the South-Western part of the East-European platform

Sveshnikov K.I., Derevskaja E.I., Prichodko V.L., Kosovsky Y.O.


Early Vendian volcanic volynskaya series in the South-Western part of the East-European platform contains two types of rock's paragenesa which differ by petrochemical trends. One of these types corresponds to tholeitic, other - to kimberlitic trends. Guestions of possible connections of Cu and Au mineralization with different paragenesa boundaries are discussed.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2010;(1):77-84
pages 77-84 views

Petrographical study of gilding and paints on white stone XYII ANE (Moscow Cremlin)

Lobzova R.V., Antonova E.I., Magazina L.I., Cicinova O.A.


The character of gilding and paint composion of tsarevna Maria Ioannovna tombstone slab was studied. The morphology and the chemical composition of gilding testified with using gold powder. The composition of gilding Au, Hg, Ag, Mo, Ni, Cu. was determined by the SEM method. The blue painting was made by azurite pigment with Pb emulsion. Later the slab became light green because of the atacamite formation.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2010;(1):85-89
pages 85-89 views

Petrochemical and petrophysical properties of carbon rocks Hvoynoe deposit

Abramov V.Y., Belousov P.E., Kolosova G.N., Lobzova R.V., Magazina L.Y.


Questions of research and mapping of carbonaceous deposits, based on petrophysical, petrochemical and geological methods, are discussed.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2010;(1):90-99
pages 90-99 views

Geochemical investigations in the water area of Caspian sea

Glukhov A.G., Zubkova E.V.


Geochemical investigation is connected with determination of prospects' structures of petroleum, indicated in the area, and with necessity of refining the points of prospecting wells' location.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2010;(1):100-106
pages 100-106 views

Modern trends in the development of oil and gas complex of the World

Kiryukhin L.G., Khakimov M.Y.


Modern trends in the development of oil and gas World complex are characterized: increase of exploration volumes on continental shelf, wide-scale using computer technology for increase reserves on already known fields, using of horizontal drilling for increase oil recovery, sharp growing liquefied natural gas production.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2010;(1):107-112
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RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2010;(1):113-115
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