No 4 (2014)


Modeling of the average daily total suspendede solids (TSS), entering Dez dam reservoir (Iran)

Elfimov V.I., Hamid Khakzad -.


One part of water quality, total suspended solids (TSS), is a reliable indicator of other pollutants, particularly nutrients and metals that carried on the surfaces of sediment in suspension. In practice, there are various models are used for modeling and prediction TSS entering reservoirs; model from: a relationship between water discharge and TSS, to a use complex statistical models. In this study, the performances of linear time series models for forecasting TSS entering Dez dam reservoir, were investigated. Many studies in recent years show that this type of model is an appropriate approach to predict TSS (Huixin. C, Dyk. P. 1996, 1998, Owens S. A etd. 2013). A random study conducted from Jan 2002 to July 2003 in Dez dam reservoir. STATGRAPHICS Plus software, are used for modeling and analyzing data to determine the best possible linear time series models. Results indicate that the simple exponential smoothing model, is the most efficient novel approach with an acceptable range of error, can be used successfully for forecasting TSS entering Dez dam reservoir.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2014;(4):5-11
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The using of combinatorial-variational approach for systematization of analytic surfaces of technical objects

Virchenko G.A., Shambina S.L.


The paper discusses some issues of application of combinatorial-variational approach for systematization of analytic surfaces to ensure their more effective use in computer-aided design of various technical objects.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2014;(4):12-16
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Adsorption removing the dimethylformamide from aqueous solutions

Solovieva Y.V., Krasnova T.A., Soloviev N.V., Kirsanov M.P.


Conducted a comprehensive study of the adsorption of dimethylformamide aqueous solutions of active coal. Identifies the main adsorption parameters necessary for engineering calculations of the adsorption columns.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2014;(4):17-25
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Water Supply and Rational Use of Water Resources

Svintsov A.P., Harun M.I.


Providing drinking water to the population is a priority core activity of the Water & Sewerage Enterprises in a high environmental water effort. Rational use of water can significantly reduce anthropogenic load on water bodies - water sources.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2014;(4):26-34
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Endurance Assessment of the Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Load-Bearing Structures, Impregnated by Petroleum

Svintsov A.P., Nikolenko Y.V., Kazakov A.S.


In many concrete and reinforced concrete elements of load-bearing structures, exposed to the frequently changing loads, accumulated fatigue damage of the material, leading to destruction. Petroleum products which impregnate concrete and reinforced concrete structures have a negative influence on their physical and mechanical properties and contribute to the formation of damages. Wherein said negative effect is largely depend on the viscosity of petroleum products. Currently available guidelines for assessing endurance of concrete and reinforced concrete elements do not fully take into account the effect of viscosity of petroleum products on their physical and mechanical characteristics. This restrains the solution of the tasks to ensure the maintenance safety conditions of industrial buildings in technological processes that use petroleum products. Based on the analysis of the test results on the endurance of concrete and reinforced concrete elements obtained an empirical formula to estimate the accumulation of fatigue depending on the number of loading cycles and the conditional viscosity impregnating of petroleum products. Represented mathematical description of the endurance assesment allows to determine the index of safety and available resources of concrete and reinforced concrete elements of load-bearing structures under the influence of various petroleum products.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2014;(4):35-40
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Features of the water mode of the rivers of the province of Manabi (Ecuador)

Antonio Fermin Campos Cedeno -., Sinichenko E.K., Gritsuk I.I.


The article contains a description of the hydrographic network of rivers of Ecuador presented hydrographs of monthly expenses like monsoon, and in times of drought.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2014;(4):41-46
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Study for the synchronization of CEB (Communaute electrique du Benin) electrical networks: case of the Volta river authority (VRA) and the transmission company of Nigeria (TCN)

Houndedako S., Kpode K., Vianou A., Espanet C.


CEB is the only common structure for Benin and Togo, which provides electricity to these two countries. The optimization of its power transmission network is very important. Thus, the synchronization of its major sub-networks, namely Volta River Authority (VRA) and Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), aim not only to facilitate the network operation, but also to optimize and to reduce the inconvenience for people in Togo and Benin. This synchronization depends on the electrical parameters of the TCN and VRA networks. We studied the feasibility of this synchronization by providing a High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) system that we have simulated in Matlab / SimPowerSystems software.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2014;(4):47-55
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National high head pressure waterworks as architectural objects

Ryzhankova L.N., Argal E.S.


The article considers the features of the domestic high head pressure waterworks as elements of a complex volumetric-spatial structure, functional and compositional closely associated with other natural and artificially created elements of the environment.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2014;(4):56-64
pages 56-64 views

The system of diesel engine regulaton by variation of displasement

Patrakhaltsev N.N., Savastenko A.A., Petrunya I.A., Anoshina T.S.


There presented the system of disconnection of diesel’s cylinders or cycles, invented in Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia. The system may be employed for diesel regulation by variation of working volume, displacement.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2014;(4):65-71
pages 65-71 views

Opportunities to economize of naphtha-diesel fuel by mean of partial replacement it by alternative

Patrakhaltsev N.N., Petrunya I.A., Kamishnikov R.O., Savastenko E.A.


The article dials with usage of such alternative fuels as liquid naphtha gas, alcohol etc. with bad qualities of inflammability, low cetan numbers. The perpose of using some alternative fuels is to minimize the soot in escape gases and to economize the diesel fuel. For rising of a share of alternative fuel in summing injected fuel there used a system of disconnection of cylinders or cycles.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2014;(4):72-77
pages 72-77 views

Experimental investigation of destruction of underwater bariers under the influence of extreme wave processes

Debolskiy V.K., Gritsuk I.I., Ostiakova A.V., Zav'yalov I.N., Ponomarev N.K., Sinichenko E.K.


The laboratory experiments of the deformations of the underwater barriers at step of the extreme waves were conducted. Some relations connecting the volume of deformation of underwater obstacles with the wave parameters and flow dynamics parameters are obtained.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2014;(4):78-83
pages 78-83 views

About technology concrete works in monolithic housing

Nikolenko Y.V., Manaeva M.M., Stasheuskaya N.A.


The article presents the results of the experimental data in the form of mathematical models of curing concrete made on knitting low water (VNV), which can be used in monolithic housing construction.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2014;(4):84-89
pages 84-89 views

Design features of bolted connections of structural elements of two-layer metal domes resulting from errors of their fabrication and assembly

Lebed E.V.


The paper describes the dependence of errors occurring in the frames of two-layer metal domes as a result of inaccuracy of actual geometric dimensions of assembly elements. The effect of errors on bolted connections of the individual members in the joints of the frame is demonstrated. The evaluation of the influence of errors on assemblage process and associated adjustment operations is given. Sequence of operations for different methods of assembly of the frameworks of metal domes are described. The results of statistical investigations of the probable clearances in the joints are presented.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2014;(4):90-97
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Structural systems of buildings of the polytechnic museums

Chistyakov D.A.


The article is devoted to the study of structural systems used for coating of buildings of the Polytechnic museums and revealing of tendencies of their application for subsequent design.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2014;(4):98-102
pages 98-102 views

Organizational and technological bases of constraction with industrial method of single-storey buildings

Podgornov N.I., Pleshivcev A.A., Koroteev D.D.


Organizational and technological solutions for the construction in record time of single-storey buildings of various purposes are given in the article. Solutions include: the production of building's structural elements in the factory, the main ones are the “sandwich” panels, the use of pin-joints between structures for accelerate delivery in packaged form and the installation of the building in the design position? the use of pile foundations of shallow emplacement.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2014;(4):103-106
pages 103-106 views

Research of the influence of the dimension of joints preliminary reduction in the spatial rod coating on the work of the adjacent joints

Philippov V.A.


The article deals with the design of an experimental fragment of spatial rod coating of the pre-stressed continuously reinforced frame elements and the external load testing approach. There some results of the research of the work of the racks and pre-cogged bolt nodes of the lower part of frames under load. Also it is what the impact of the force of joints reduction on the work of adjacent frames racks. Due to the experimental data the joints reduction force calculating approach is given.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2014;(4):107-112
pages 107-112 views

Hydrate formation in the reservoir. Thermobaric conditions and salinity

Malyukov V.P., Smirnov A.V.


Analyzed thermobaric conditions in hydrate reservoirs in the development of oil and gas fields in Western and Eastern Siberia at different salinity formation water.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2014;(4):113-121
pages 113-121 views

Paleovolkanic building of Turin-Auerbakh and Valentorn ore area and aurum and cooper deposit

Vyhristinko R.I.


In article results the paleovolkanic reconstruction which are based on the facies analysis of the volcanic and volkanognic-sedimentary rocks of Ordovician-Devonian age, the executed within Turinsk-Auerbakhovsk and Valentorsk ore areas are considered. As a result of a satellite image interpretation for the territory of the specified areas were allocated, two types of structures (circle and linear) and the position of gold deposits and copper in the revealed structures is considered.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2014;(4):122-128
pages 122-128 views

Some aspects of sediment transformation during phosphate ores of Okhino-Khubsugul basin are originating

Georgievskiy A.F., Karelina E.V., Bugina V.M., Markov V.E.


Special characteristics of original precipitates which influenced on lithologic properties of Okhino-Khubsugul phosphorites are shown. Their cyclic phosphatization is fixed.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2014;(4):129-136
pages 129-136 views

The problems of typical projects for diplomatic complexes

Razin A.D.


The article deals with design diplomatic complexes from point of view typical design decisions. The article analyses rules documents in sphere typical design. In the article definitions the directions in decision of the problem.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2014;(4):137-141
pages 137-141 views

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