On application and analysis of helicoidal shells in architecture and civil engineering

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There is the review article of application and calculation of helicoidal shells in architecture and civil engineering. Helicoidal shells are used as ramps, winding staircases, screws, elements of bore machines and so on. Different numerical methods are widely used nowadays, but analytic methods need research. There is also information about author's computer programs written in MathCad for analysis of shallow right and open helicoids. The method of Rekach was corrected by the author and led to numerical results. Analytical method of S.N. Krivoshapko was simplified by author due to the application of Bernoulli numbers in the process of integration of equations. The author suggests using mentioned programs for rough analyses of helicoids instead of expensive program complexes based on numerical methods.

About the authors

M I Rynkovskaya

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

Email: marine_step@mail.ru
Department of Strength of Materials and Structures


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