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The journal publishes original articles on various topics in aviation and space technology, mechanical engineering. It makes a significant contribution to the development of Russian engineering schools and promotes promising research projects supporting their practical implementation.

The journal discusses topical issues of aviation, rocket and space technology, engineering, etc.


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Vol 24, No 2 (2023)


Designing the low-energy lunar transfers trajectories which pass in the vicinity of the libration points of the Earth - Moon system. Part 2. Algorithm and numerical analysis
Konstantinov M.S., Thant A.M.

An algorithm for designing a low-energy lunar flight trajectory is presented. It is based on the assumption that low-energy flight trajectories pass through the vicinity of one of the collinear libration points of the Earth - Moon system (L1 or L2). It is also assumed that at the moment of spacecraft flight in the vicinity of the libration point, the elements of the osculating geocentric orbit of the spacecraft are close to the elements of the osculating geocentric orbit of the libration point itself. The results of a numerical analysis of the obtained low-energy lunar flight trajectory are presented. It is shown that the use of such a trajectory makes it possible to reduce the deceleration impulse of the velocity during the transition to a low lunar orbit to a value of 638 m/s (in the traditional flight scheme, this impulse turns out to be more than 800 m/s). The influence of solar gravitational disturbances on the flight trajectory is analyzed. It is demonstrated that these perturbations ensure the approach of the spacecraft to the Moon with a negative selenocentric energy constant and contribute to the temporary capture of the spacecraft by the Moon. The influence of the terrestrial gravitational perturbation on the circumlunar part of the trajectory is studied. It is displayed that on the trajectory found this perturbation effectively reduces the selenocentric velocity of the spacecraft. The conditions for spacecraft flight in the vicinity of the libration point are considered.

RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2023;24(2):111-120
pages 111-120 views
Management decision support algorithm for autonomous spacecraft’s control in the planet’s atmosphere
Orlov D.A., Kupreev S.A., Samusenko O.E., Melnikov V.M.

A new algorithm for making autonomous decisions when controlling spacecraft carrying out descent in the atmosphere is developed, which allows to carry out stable control of the spacecraft relative to the nominal flight trajectories, which provide to reliably fulfill the targets of space missions. Analytical dependences are formed, with the help of which it is possible to obtain high-precision calculations of the parameters of the movement of a spacecraft in the atmosphere and determine corrective programs for controlling the apparatus. This makes it feasible to implement the movement of a spacecraft in the atmosphere along trajectories close to optimal, even under conditions of significant influence of disturbing factors on the dynamics of the flight of the vehicle. The authors give an estimate of the performance of the algorithm for making autonomous decisions on the example of parrying disturbing influences during the descent of a spacecraft in the atmospheres of Mars and Jupiter. It is shown that with complete qualitative agreement between the data calculated using the analytical dependences and the results of numerical integration, the computational errors do not exceed 3%. With the most unfavorable combinations of navigation errors and atmospheric density variations, the development of the corrective control programs developed in most cases ensures a qualitative coincidence of the disturbed and nominal trajectories. The developed algorithm for making autonomous decisions based on analytical dependencies can be effectively applied when a spacecraft moves in planetary atmospheres under various boundary conditions, constraints, design characteristics of the spacecraft and atmosphere models.

RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2023;24(2):121-134
pages 121-134 views
Influence of parameter deviations during start-up on the рower рlant equipment thermal stressed state
Radin Y.A., Kontorovich T.S., Mnatsakanyan V.U.

The current guidelines recommend evaluating the quality of start-up and shut-down modes, as well as operation modes under load, according to the compliance of start-up parameters with start-up assignment schedules, standard instructions, a regime map, reliability criteria and their limit values. The quality of maintaining operating modes is proposed to be assessed by the assigned deviations of parameters from the values specified in standard instructions or start-up schedules. The authors analyze the suggested approach and the accepted values of the parameter permissible deviations, according to which the start-up operations quality is assessed in terms of the thermal stressed state of the thermal scheme critical elements. The analysis was performed on the basis of the thermal stressed state calculations of the most loaded steam turbine high-pressure rotor and the high-pressure heat recovery steam generator superheater outlet header with deviations of the live steam temperature from the start-up schedule. It is proposed to evaluate the quality of start-up modes based on the calculation of the cyclic strength the power plant “critical” elements, and not by exceeding the control parameters values without taking into account the specific time of this excess occurrence in relation to the schedule, the temperature state of the element under consideration, steam flow, etc. All parameters deviations considered as an example do not affect the cyclic strength of the equipment in question. The most accurate assessment of the regime quality can be carried out as a result of monitoring the turbine and the boiler unit operation modes, which will make it possible to control compliance with the reliability criteria, preventing them from being exceeded.

RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2023;24(2):135-143
pages 135-143 views
Technical and economic aspects of the development of green energy in the Middle East region
Kupreev S.A., Samusenko O.E., Ermakov D.N., Kuznetsov E.V., Kazenkov O.Y., Burkova I.V.

The effectiveness of solar and wind power plants has been analyzed, as well as the prospects for the development of green energy in the countries of the Middle East region. The development of green energy contributes, on the one hand, to saving fossil fuels extracted from the earth there-by extending their use, and on the other hand, the alternative high-tech complexes working on solar and wind energy could also be widely applied. Comparative characteristics of solar and wind energy are given, as well as an assessment of the effectiveness of its use in the states of Middle East is carried out. It was concluded that it is necessary to develop and create energy-technological complexes based on the synthesis of solar panels and wind generators, and electric energy storage systems. Project proposals for the energy-technological complex of the countries of Middle East based on solar and wind installations are posed.

RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2023;24(2):144-156
pages 144-156 views
Positive impact of wind farms distribution in the electric power system
Sigitov O.Y., Kupreev S.A., Mnatsakanyan V.U.

Installed capacity of wind farms is growing rapidly in the electric power systems. The Russian Federation has adopted a set of legislative measures to increase wind farms (WF) installed capacity. The research focuses on assessing the impact of wind farms in electric power system (EPS). In particular, the wind farms distribution impact over electric power system nodes is considered in comparison with single high-capacity wind farm (Eysk). Based on the calculations of the daily unevenness factor, installed capacity utilization rate and grid heterogeneity, following conclusions are obtained: the high-capacity wind farm has a higher daily power fluctuation amplitude, up to a nominal capacity of 3.4 GW; installed capacity utilization rate of wind farms system will always be lower when compared to a high-capacity wind farm located in the same location with the best wind energy potential; wind farms distribution across EPS nodes increase their rigidity (the ability to maintain the node voltage as the load changes) and, as a result, their reliability. The graphical illustration of the sensitivity of a 64 node 110-500 kV power grid demonstrates the increase in the number of rigid nodes.

RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2023;24(2):157-165
pages 157-165 views
Kinematic surfaces with congruent generatrix curves
Krivoshapko S.N.

Kinematic surfaces of general type are considered to include rotational, spiroidal and translation surfaces. The author indicates that a class of kinematic surfaces under consideration also comprises instances of eleven other classes. A classification of general kinematic surfaces with congruent formations is compiled, with the most well-known specific kinematic surfaces indicated in addition to classes and groups containing surfaces formed by a rigid curve as it moves in space. The classification is based on the methods of forming the kinematic surfaces: (1) a stationary and mobile axoid with a generatrix curve rigidly connected to it; (2) a stationary directrix curve and a mobile rigid generatrix curve sliding along the directrix curve with the curves not necessarily having a common point; (3) the translation surfaces of one plane curve along another, with the curves sharing a common sliding point. The suggestion of organising a class of kinematic surfaces of general type does not imply their exception from the other classes of surfaces. The term “kinematic surfaces of general type” is used when it is necessary to show the wider group of surfaces but not to enumerate all classes with examined surfaces. The application of kinematic surfaces in construction, mechanical engineering is described, the explanation of some natural phenomena and processes in electrodynamics, fluid dynamics and astrophysics for the simulation of spiral objects is given.

RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2023;24(2):166-176
pages 166-176 views
Mathematical model of vehicle electrical energy recovery
Lin Z.N., Skrynnikov A.V., Chizhevsky K.V., Sidorov V.N.

Nowadays, the most energy efficient are electric and hybrid vehicles. Despite the very high cost and insufficient design perfection, they are replacing traditional cars with internal combustion engines. In hybrid vehicles, it is relatively easy to implement energy storage systems using reversible electric machines and electric batteries. The results of a study on electrical energy generation in a vehicle are presented. The methods of mathematical and simulation modelling were used. The efficiency of operation of a vehicle with an electrical energy recovery unit is shown. The data of the generated electric current in the form of the received voltage when the vehicle is moving on various types of road surfaces are given. As a result of simulation modelling, it was found that one recuperator can generate an average of about 3 V, 12 V can be obtained from all four installed recuperators, which is enough to charge the storage units of the hybrid power plant.

RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2023;24(2):177-186
pages 177-186 views
Toxicity of a gasoline engine for small-scale mechanization
Khodyakov A.A., Khlopkov S.V., Istomin D.V., Alibekova D.R., Narozhnyy A.A.

The single-cylinder, four-stroke, overhead valve Biggs & Stratton engine was studied for the possible toxinity with the view of solving the environmental pollution problem related to the internal combustion engine emissions. As an assessment of toxicity, the data recorded (INFRACAR 5M3T) in the exhaust gases of the power unit NOx, CO and CH was used. Evaluation of the toxicity of the engine running under load was carried out by testing (CARTEC LPS 2510 dynamometer) an engine-equipped vehicle of simplified design (buggy). It was shown that the presence of CO, CH and NOx in the exhaust gases is affected not only by the presence of alcohol in gasoline, but also by the crankshaft speed. It was found that the proportion of CH in the exhaust gases of the power unit running on gasoline is lower than the maximum allowable content of hydrocarbons in the exhaust gases of gasoline engines not equipped with a neutralization system. According to the data obtained from bench tests, it follows that the proportion of CH in the exhaust gases of a gasoline-fueled engine is on average 48% higher than in the exhaust gases of an engine fed with a gasoline-alcohol mixture. It was shown that a significant increase in power at the wheel does not lead to a sharp increase in the CH content in the exhaust gases. The proportion of CH in the exhaust gases in the obtained speed range is a constant value.

RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2023;24(2):187-195
pages 187-195 views
Results of remote analysis to find a new type of oil and gas deposits in the Orenburg region
Pichugin S.V., Kotelnikova E.M., Usova V.M., Usov A.A.

Remote hydrocarbon studies were conducted in the western part of the Orenburg region in order to identify lithological and stratigraphic traps. The main research method was CRS technology (complex remote sensing) to find hydrocarbon deposits. On the surface of the study area, were identified both spectral anomalies associated with the known anticlinal, structural, reef and lithological deposits of known deposits, and ribbon-like deposits, which were recognised as Upper Devonian paleorusses, represented by terrigenous deposits. When comparing the spectral hydrocarbon anomalies detected in different ranges, it was possible to discover them over known deposits. The promise of a number of structures previously identified during seismic work was confirmed, which indicates the presence of hydrocarbons in them. In addition, in the north of the study area in the basins of the modern Mokhovaya and Adamovka rivers, ribbon-like anomalies were observed. It is possible that these lithologically shielded deposits may represent a new type of deposits in the area.

RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2023;24(2):196-205
pages 196-205 views

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