No 2 (2009)


TNCs in Russian Retailing

Volgina N.A.


The article deals with expansion of foreign TNCs into Russian retailing and identifies stages of foreign retailers' penetration in to Russian market. Author pays special attention to special strategies and retail formats that foreign players use into local market as well as special features of their regional expansion. Author identifies following trends of future development of Russian retail as regionalization, consolidation and growth of organized segments, and comes to a conclusion that in the framework of global financial crisis it is possible to observe strengthening of TNCs position in Russian retail.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2009;(2):5-15
pages 5-15 views

International Intellectual Migration in Russia: History, Reasons, Consequences

Ryazantsev S.V., Bezverbnyi V.A.


In given article considered the actual for today problem of migration highly skilled scientists in and out of Russia. The current condition of the Russian economy and its strongly pronounced raw orientation testifies to necessity of the prompt revival a domestic science, transition to new high technologies, to «economy of knowledge». Thereupon the problem of «brain drain» and attraction of highly skilled experts finds a special urgency for the future of our country. Given the basic statistical reflecting scales of «brain drain» at the present stage, analyzed the reasons and consequences of «brain drain», reflected the basic features of this phenomenon in Russia, developed recommendations about optimization of a modern Russia's migratory policy in a context of the international migration of highly skilled specialists.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2009;(2):16-23
pages 16-23 views

China: Economic Boom and Ecological Threat

Badiane Boubacar -.


The article is devoted to the analysis of cause-and-effect relation between booming economic growth and the persistent degradation of ecological system in China, which threatens agriculture, health and life, not only for local population but also in other neighboring countries. The beginning of the XXI century has brought not only an impetuous economic growth but acute ecological problems in China. The author first identifies fundamental ecological issues and their main causes, then clarifies basic obstacles, which Сhina's government is facing. In this connection, the author shows the significant role of international cooperation in the process of overcoming ecological crisis on the regional level, as well as on the global level.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2009;(2):24-32
pages 24-32 views

State Entrepreneurship: Economic Theory and Russian Practice

Stolyarova E.I.


Article is devoted to actual theme - problems of the state entrepreneurship and its efficiency. Various definitions of concept «the state entrepreneurship», and also an author's position of the problem are resulted. In article state functions are considered, levers of influence of the state on social and economic processes are analyzed, the primary goals and peculiar features of the state entrepreneurship are described. During the consideration of the state entrepreneurship in Russia the extensive and authentic practical material is used, and also the statistical data on which basis the substantiated conclusion about increase in scales of the state entrepreneurship in our country and about strengthening of influence of already existing large state companies becomes.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2009;(2):33-42
pages 33-42 views

Business Expansion of Metallurgical Companies by IP

Belousov O.A.


Initial Public Offering is one of the most important mechanisms in the market of capital. This is a channel for receiving new capital by companies as well as a method for initial investors to get off the participation in capital and to realize profits on their investments. The paper describes the main stages, qualifying standards, peculiar properties of procedure execution and advantages of IPO. This is concerned with the fact that IPO performed by metallurgical companies allows to make special conditions to bring in long-term investments into share capital and to be a method of achievement and keeping of such strategically competitive advantages as winning bigger market shares, as well as achievement of key advantages comparing with companies which did not offer their shares in the market
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2009;(2):43-49
pages 43-49 views

Efficiency Management in Advanced Economies: New Trends

Rastvortseva S.N.


Efficiency management is a new unelaborated school in Russian economic science. Overseas some aspects of the conception are considered in science and used in enterprises. Efficiency management takes place in all social and economic levels: from enterprises and companies to national economy. The Russian efficiency ratio and advanced economies comparisons in some aspects will allow to find out how much is development of efficiency management conception works forward efficiency growth and to reveal the Russian economic growth reserves.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2009;(2):50-57
pages 50-57 views

Scientific Research in India: Peculiarities of the State Regulation

Nikiforova T.V.


At the last time we can see the process of the internationalization the R&D activities. The special interest stays in scientific-and-engineering fields of the growing countries. The article is dedicated to analysis of scientific and technical complex in India. The author has characterized the basics of the Indian current economic growth; distinguished role and significance of the national State in the rash development of R&D; determined State's attitude to the foreign investments in scientific-and-engineering fields, co-investigation; appreciated the participation of the foreign investments in R&D activities in India, internationalization of the Indian science. The article gives the periodization of the scientific and technical complex's evaluation in India, forecasts its development.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2009;(2):58-68
pages 58-68 views

System Approach and the Theory of Control in Management

Lebedev K.N.


This article deals with content and essence of the system approach, made by L. Bertalanffy in the middle of the 20-th century, proves harm, coming out from its non-critical use in the economic science, on an example of influence of system attribute «self-regulation on the basis of feedback» on the theory of control in management. The article demonstrates the influence of this system attribute on definition of control, treatment of concurrent control, ideas about objects of assessment in control, control of the processes of external environment, control of the subunits of the firm by other subunits, connection of control with the exposure of new opportunities and participation of managers in exercising direct influence over objects of external environment and other subunits of firm.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2009;(2):69-75
pages 69-75 views

The Problems of the Strategic Planning Process in Russian Companies

Magdanov P.V.


The article sets out to discuss the problems and difficulties of strategic planning process in Russian companies. The author presents findings of the researching the way how Russian companies organize a process of planning and implementing strategy. During researching the author identified major problems that hamper the progress of strategic planning process. These problems are an unavailability of top managers for strategic planning, a lack of direct involvement of top managers in planning and implementing strategy, a wrong organization of strategic planning process, an authority and influence of functional managers on strategic planning department, an ineffective interaction with external consultants, a lack of strategic control.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2009;(2):76-84
pages 76-84 views

Application Problems of Contemporary Personnel Appraisal Techniques

Mizintseva M.F., Sardaryan A.R.


The article deals with utilization problems of contemporary personnel appraisal techniques in HR-management. The item is aimed at both analysis of present state of personnel appreciation system and its key features and crucial trends. Moreover appraisal methods' efficiency depending on the business tasks, validity problem of these modern methods, as well as their practical use in modern companies are considered. Furthermore the article underlines the importance of new social oriented approaches in staff appreciation, which are to resolve complicated difficulties in HR-management. These appraisal methods' utilization enables the company to lower staff opposition to appraisal procedures, to stimulate employees' initiative in appraisal performance neutrality, to improve staff and experts' rapport and corporate climate. In addition it increases employees' loyalty to company and improves labor productivity.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2009;(2):85-93
pages 85-93 views

The methodology of the Analysis of Use of Capacities in Dairy Cattle Breeding in the Belgorod Region

Pizengolts V.M.


In article is offered a technique of the analysis of use of floor spaces in dairy cattle breeding under articles of the analysis of the initial data, a fixed capital, capacities, estimations of reserves, volumes of output, level of specialisation, labour input, use of a manpower, factors of management, use of the equipment, investments, intereconomic communications.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2009;(2):94-104
pages 94-104 views

«Transition Economies in the Process of Globalization». VIII International Scientific Conference of Graduate and Post-graduate Students

Aydrus I.A., Dolgopolov D.V.


The conference was organized in Peoples' Friendship University of Russia and held at the Faculty of Economics, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia from 11 through 13 March, 2009. This conference provides a forum to analyze advancement in all aspects of transition economies development. The reports were devoted to the institutional, financial, social and other urgent problems of transition economies and globalization in modern world. The central problem of the conference was the means which would provide the effective result for the Russian economy to overcome the financial crisis of 2008.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2009;(2):105-109
pages 105-109 views

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