International legal, economic and social consequences of the coronavirus pandemic in the world


The article examines the consequences caused by the coronavirus pandemic in the world. It analyzes the negative impact of quarantine measures in different countries on the world economy, the financial system and the general international legal climate, including those aspects related to crossing international borders. The article presents the world Bank's forecasts regarding the level of economic downturn and business activity in various countries and regions of the world, as well as the prospects for the recovery of national economies in 2021. The article attempts to give a General and objective assessment of the legal innovations occurring during the pandemic, as well as the negative consequences of the pandemic in the political, economic, financial, social, legal and religious spheres. Special attention is paid to the regional aspect in the fight against coronavirus and the prospects for the formation of a new "post-human world".

About the authors

Natalia I. Maslakova-Klauberg

Institute of World Civilizations

Author for correspondence.

Doctor of Political Science, Associate Professor, senior researcher

1/2 Leninskii Ave, bldg 1, Moscow, 119049, Russian Federation


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