Economics and contemporary philosophy of money: the lessons of crisis

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Forecasting of world dynamics experiences the certain crisis which shows inability to predict world financial and economic shocks. For overcoming existing problems it is necessary to comprehend a new role of the important determinant of crises, namely, money. The present article deals with the reasons of genesis of the crisis phenomena in economy and society as a whole. The basic purpose of article is the judgment of the role of money in the given process and the analysis of its’ modern social functions, critical approach to «financomics». It is ascertained, that the role of money in modern economy considerably varies, but simultaneously changes both a turbulence and character of dynamics of economy. The economy becomes financial — dependent, value of money and the finance in a modern economy sharply grows. In the article conceptual ideas of the new modern philosophy of money are stated, the comparative critical analysis well known scientists on function and roles of money is reviewed. The authors conclude that the role of finance in economic life is underestimated and there is a necessity for contemporary philosophy of money for the postindustrial society in conditions of globalization.

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A M Orekhov

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia


F N Akhmedov

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia



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