Institutional aspect of business undertaking in the light of economic theories

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The article is aimed to the institutional aspect of business undertakings research. On basis of the logical and historical method of attack in article are revealed institutional aspects of business undertakings contained in maistream' economic theories, in the works of J. Shumpetera and F. Knihta, standing out of economic theories, in ideas of the representative of the Austrian evolutionary epistemology school F. Hayek, the bright representative of the neoaustrian school I. Kirznera. The author came to a conclusion of necessity to view the business undertakings not in habitual sense but as social and economic system and to interpret it as institutional well-ordered combined activity of managing subjects that feel the outside influence (the influence of social institutions).

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M N Yudenko

Sankt-Peterburg University of engineering and economy

Email: <>
Sankt-Peterburg University of engineering and economy


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