The regions of the Siberian federal district: the estimation of innovation potential and prospects for socio-economic development

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The article is devoted to the study of the state and level of innovation potential development of the Siberian Federal District in the light of twelve regions of Western and Eastern Siberia. The clusters of regions according to the types of economic and innovation activities are distinguished. The rating of each region is determined on the basis of clustering. The author comes to the conclusion that innovation activity is to be considered as a significant factor of investment attractiveness of the region. The possibility of using algorithms of regions division into clusters for the purpose of informative description of differences between them and elaboration of the most possible significant management decisions on this basis are substantiated. The conclusions are of practical importance for the Russian regions' economic development according to the innovation type.

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N A Tyuleneva

National research Tomsk State University

Email: а <mailto:а>
National research Tomsk State University


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