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Actual challenges and solutions for project management in the green industrial construction

Palagin V.S.


Process model of Project Management is inefficient without well tuned Quality Management System and developed competences of the project team. The development of Green Construction function should be done on the base of integration of methodologies under approach of Eurasian Project Management Standard in cooperation with others components of Corporative Project Management System.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2014;(3):6-9
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Green project management of green building in the Arctic

Nekrasova M.A.


Ecological construction accompanies any economic or other human activity, so environmental aspects of management such projects are keys to the territorial development in Arctic region. The article deals with analysis of standards of the “green” building and the “green” project management as the strategy of the transmission of the best practices for the environmental teams of the building projects.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2014;(3):10-16
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Protection of the ecological environment and management of natural resources

Ye Helin -., Dou Juan -.


Humans live on the earth that features a diverse ecosystem. In this environment of human beings, nature plays the role of a nurturing mother role. Time may be in the continuation of progress from generation to generation, and the nature of other kinds of billions of biological species, would also be like humans, in constant evolution, in order to adapt to the dangerous natural environment. However, those natural resources are sharply disappearing and dying out because of humans’ voracity. In the 21st century, how to protect the ecological environment and the rational use of natural resources have become the serious issues that human beings must solve.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2014;(3):17-21
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LEED GAP analysis respecting diversity through the localization of the LEED rating system in the region - Jordan as a case study

Adnan M Al-Ma’ali -.


Information in this document was obtained from the document “LEED gap analysis Respecting diversity through the localization of the LEED rating system in the Region - Jordan as a case study” by the Jordan green building council, any information provided is a reference to the document. There are no guarantees to the accuracy or the reliably of this information.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2014;(3):22-28
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The comparative study on connectivity and 500 MRSR of UPGS in southern provincial capital cities of China

Wang Tai-Chun -., Wang Fang -., Qu Yan-Hua -., Duan Sen-Yu -.


The urban public green system (UPGS) is an important component of the urban ecological system. The relationship between the ecosystem and its social services is a core topic of ecological studies throughout the world. We investigated eight provincial capital cities in southern China to analyze the connectivity and 500 m radius service ratio (500 MRSR) of the public green system based on GIS information from 2010. The connectivity and 500 MRSR were calculated based on the types, amounts, and areas of the green patches. The results indicated that the connectivity was significantly positively correlated with 500 MRSR ( p < 0.01), while the connectivity and 500 MRSR were significantly negative correlated ( p < 0.01) with the urban scale. The results also showed that the increase in the amount of patches density, the landscape connectivity and 500 MRSR were accompanied by a progressive decrease in the city scale. Overall, the results suggest that the landscape connectivity and 500 MRSR reflected the ecological structure and the level of function of the public green system, also reflected the degree of coupling between the social services and urban construction in the public green landscape system. This study determined the current state of urban public green spaces from the perspectives of the ecological system and the social services, which are important for facilitating the coordinated development of the urban public green space system.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2014;(3):29-40
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Municipal solid wastes management

Temirkhanov K.K., Kenzhebayev N.N.


Waste utilization problems are of current importance and they are relatedtothe principles of Green Economy and, thus, present one of the most important ecologic factors for improving environmental quality.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2014;(3):41-45
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Green economy and green technologies in Russia: opportunities and prospects: social medicine in the regions that have experienced poor socio-political situation and ways to resolve some of these difficulties

Lipina S.A.


In the paper the problems of greening the economy of Russia, problems of transition to sustainable development, the green economy, which was designed to improve people’s well-being and social justice and to considerably reduce the risks to the environment and its degradation
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2014;(3):46-55
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The development of land resources and management of ecological environment in Hexi corridor

Ma Ling -.


Hexi Corridor belongs to inland rivers and has unique, harsh ecological environment, accounting for about three fifths of the area of Gansu. The paper analyzes environmental problems faced while developing land resources and presents some important proposals for its land resources development and environmental administration.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2014;(3):56-57
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Issues environmental diplomacy in the twenty-first century

Suleimanova S.S.


The article raises issues of environmental diplomacy at the present stage. And the emphasis on the fact that international and interdisciplinary nature of environmental problems, the solution of which depends on the survival and further development of civilization has led to new acute issues affecting international relations. This, above all, the development of the foundations of international management and global environmental monitoring.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2014;(3):58-61
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Palaeoecology of the Moskva-river floodplain: soil, pollen and archaeological records

Alexandrovskiy A.L., Ershova E.G., Krenke N.A.


Floodplain deposits in the valley of the Moskva-river contain a series of buried soils of the Holocene age, which can be an important source of palaeoecological information. These soils are aged: Soil 1 - last 4 centuries, Soil 2 - cal 1200 AD-500 BC, Soil 3 - 900-2700 BC, Soil 4 - 3500-5000 BC. Archaeological monuments attributed to these soils are dated: Neolithic (Soil 4), Early Bronze Age (Soil 3), the Iron Age and the Middle Ages (Soil 2). Buried soils have well developed profiles and diagnostic features. Buried soils of the Sub-Atlantic period (Soil 2) are usually referred to Luvisols and Albeluvisols. Dark-colored soils of the Atlantic period (Soil 4) in most cases refer to Phaeozems; pollen analysis shows that these soils were formed under forest-steppe communities. Buried soils of Subboreal period (Soil 3) are traced in rare cases and have no clear diagnostic features; pollen analysis shows that this soil could be developed under mixed forests dominated by spruce. Radiocarbon dating suggests that the landscapes of the lower levels of the valley have changed dramatically between 5000 and 4500 cal BP. The forest-steppe communities, typical for the Atlantic period, were replaced by dense spruce forests due to early Subboreal climate change. Some traces of human impact on the floodplain vegetation from the Neolithic and Bronze Age were revealed. The maximum anthropological transformation was noted in the beginning of Middle Ages.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2014;(3):62-76
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Virtual reality in psychotherapy as means of safe contact with injuring realit

Kuzmina A.C.


The majority of modern psychological researches is devoted to harmful impact of virtual reality on the individual`s personality and health. The brief review of modern foreign positive examples of using virtual environment for psychotherapy is provided in this article. The article describes therapeutic possibilities of VRET, CCBT, VRH, VR-SCT in treatment of anxiety disorder, PTSR, pain, eating disorders and other disorders. Finally, this article presents some possibilities for future research.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2014;(3):77-82
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The effects of industrial effluent on the persian gulf pollution (case study industrial zone of South Pars) (Iran)

Akbarpour D.


This study was carried out to solve one of the actual environmental problems in the region, studied the discharge of untreated or partially treated effluent into the coastal waters of the Persian Gulf. Insufficient reliable data on specific pollution of coastal ecosystems, therefore investigated the effects of effluent pollution on the quality of coastal waters and ecosystems over 45 km of the Persian Gulf coast to a radius of 10 km of the Seashore. Wastewater quality was assessed for 3 months in accordance with national standards of Iran and requirements ROPME.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2014;(3):83-93
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Modeling of increased CO 2 emissions, climate scenarios by the use of software energy and climate EC21, case study in Latin America Colombia-Guatemala

Kurbatova A.I., Ovalle F.F., Aruca M.R.


Latin American and Caribbean countries, including Colombia and Guatemala are in the most vulnerable to climate change. Since much of its population is in the highest parts of the mountains, where water scarcity problems are expected, and instability of soils and on the coasts, where the sea level rise and flooding can affect human settlements and key economic activities. It also has a high recurrence of extreme events, with a large and growing technical impact of climate-related emergency [1]. It’s necessary know the historical records of those elements to build mitigation of the negative effects of environmental crisis. However, it has been different advance efforts among stake holders as civil society, academia, government and private sector. As is the case of the Institute of Mining and Geotechnical Glückauf-Verlag of Germany and the British Petroleum Company, which developed the Energy and Climate 21 (EC21) software. The concentrations carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to increase considerably in the last 175 years from 280 ppm (parts per million from 1830 to 380 ppm in 2005) [2]. Under this dynamics, modeling was developed to Colombia with parameters of software with EC21, in order to see the scenario in the medium and long-term CO 2 concentrations and temperature increase. And regional plans and visualizing what challenges the country in action lines mitigation and compensation to the effects of climate change.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2014;(3):94-104
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Water quality standardization for total maximum load in water bodies calculation

Strokov A.A.


Water quality standardization for substances of double genesis for total maximum load in water bodies calculation has been considered in the article. The approach for water quality standardization used in methodological guidelines excepts additional anthropogenic load in a water body. An approach that takes into account natural features of water catchment areas and ecological laws has been recommended.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2014;(3):105-109
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RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2014;(3):110-111
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