No 2 (2014)


Evolutionary ecologist Charles Darwin

Nikol’skii A.A.


Charles Darwin was not only the author of the theory of the evolution which basis is made by the concept of natural selection, but also the outstanding evolutionary ecologist. The contribution of Darwin to ecology is underestimated because in its works there is no conceptual framework of modern ecology. Natural selection and struggle for life in «Origin of species» of Ch. Darwin correspond the Volterra - Gause competitive exclusion principle. Darvinian «a place in the nature» to identically modern concept «ecological niche».
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2014;(2):5-13
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Dendroflora of Dubna: diversity and monotony

Deynega E.A., Alekseev Y.E., Zhmylev P.Y., Karpukhina E.A.


Dendroflora of Dubna is analyzed in connection with the general laws of formation of urban forests. List of ligneous plants of the city counts 150 species of 74 genera and 35 families, including 96 introduced species. A systematic spectrum is dominated by the family Rosaceae and Salicaceae, genus Salix and Populus. It is shown that dendroflora of young and small city in general is similar to the larger and older cities.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2014;(2):14-24
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The impact of cesium chloride on biochemical indices of blood, functional activity and microstructure of rats' kidneys

Melnikova N.N., Yermishev O.V.


The article shows the researched information on changes of acid-base status, basic blood biochemical parameters that characterize the functional activity of the kidneys and renal histological structure changes of rats under the action of cesium chloride. Results of the research showed that nephrotoxic action of cesium chloride affects the body of the poisoned rats and develop subcompensated metabolic acidosis, worse functional activity and change the microscopic structure of the kidney with the development of serous extracapillary glomerulonephritis and protein nephrosis.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2014;(2):25-35
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Aggregative properties of red blood cells platelets in young cattle in the first 10 days of life

Belova T.A., Zavalishina S.Y., Nagornaya O.V., Medvedev I.N.


Objective: to establish features erythrocyte and platelet at healthy calfs in a phase newborn. The animals every day during the newborn phase determined aggregation cells using light microscopy and Visual mikrometod aggregation platelets. The results may apply the fundamental research on the physiology of the uniform of the blood in mammals in the early stages of ontogenesis. Contained in the information you can use in veterinary practice in the examination and treatment of newborn calves.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2014;(2):36-41
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Ecological and economic aspects of heat supply of the Russian Federation

Semenov M.A., Rodionova O.M.


The close relationship of ecology and economy becomes apparent when investigating the reasons and consequences of the most common types of accidents in our energy industry, taking place on the pipelines of the heating networks. The state of the industry is regarded as catastrophic. Some reasons for this situation are considered in the article.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2014;(2):42-51
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Ecological aspects of the incineration solid waste: russian and american experience

Mamadzhanov R.K., Sidorenko S.N., Latushkina E.N.


The article presents the results of comparative analysis of ecological and technological parameters of the incinerators in Moscow and Chicago. The estimation of the life cycle of municipal solid waste in terms of their environmental impact on the environment. Made recommendations to reduce the negative impact on the environment by incineration of the solid waste.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2014;(2):52-57
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Assessment of the functional condition of water plants at chemical pollution of the environment

Goryunova S.V.


Research results of functional condition assessment of green algas with heavy metals impact on them are analyzed. It is shown that method of photosynthetic activity determination of algas by рН environment change allows to estimate and compare intensity of photosynthetic processes in toxicological experiments rather easily.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2014;(2):58-70
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Ecological situation in the Kishinev airport’s area

Kuchinsky M.G.


The article contains results of the survey of ecological materials in the adjacent areas to the airport within the limits of a 15 km zone.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2014;(2):71-78
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Methodical and methodological principles of research into soil-forming processes in the reference"s and destructive edafotops

Gorodyuk E.V.


The article defines the features and principles of researches of soilforming processes in the reference’s and destructive edaphotopes. It is concluded that particularly significant and important ecological role of soil-forming processes in the steppe of edafotop providing the needs of agriculture, forestry, water, utilities and other industries. The important soil-forming processes highlits in the era of growing human pressure on natural ecosystems.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2014;(2):79-84
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Monitoring human response to food

Sidorov E.P., Tarasova L.N., Sidorova K.E.


To detect hidden allergic reaction to food extracts investigated the impact of food on leukocytes and platelets from the blood serum of 135 patients. Tablets firm Preventive Care Center, contain holes 150, each of which was an extract of a food. Analysis of the results showed that 100% of the damage of blood cells cause: fungi, yeast, wheat, cow's milk, yogurt, goat's milk, aspartame, msg (vegetative), food coloring, in 99% of cases - chocolate (cocoa), tobacco decaffeinated coffee, butter, cheese (cow's milk), formaldehyde mold in 98% of cases - coffee, eggs, oil. Frequency distribution of the severity of hidden allergic reaction showed that there are 4 groups of people react differently to the foods studied. The frequencies of these groups coincided with the frequencies of blood groups vstrechaymosti with a probability of 99%. Blood men and women respond differently to food
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2014;(2):85-88
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Psychophysiological features and processes of adaptation of first-year students of different faculties of PFUR

Glebov V.V., Arakelov G.G.


It is carried out researches on studying of psychophysiological features and adaptation processes of students of first-year and different specialties. On selection of 280 students the psycho functional condition of nervous system was studied. It is revealed that on level of simple visual and motor reaction the majority of students of different faculties of the PFUR were in a zone of average values. Average group indicators of level of functional processes nervous mobility at students of different faculties also authentically didn't differ. About a half of first-year students of physical and mathematical, humanitarian and social, philological and historical faculties differed high level of different types of memory.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2014;(2):89-95
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Comparative analysis of professional adaptation of staff of higher education institution in the conditions of the big and small city

Dmitrieva N.Y.


Results of own empirical researches are presented in article on the basis of three state universities of the city of Moscow and the city of Yelets. On selection of staff ( n = 247) of Higher Education Institutions (teachers, accountants, programmers) influence of complex factors of a production and urban environment was estimated. It is revealed that professional adaptation of Moscow staff was significantly below than at staff of Yelets. It is noted that women adapted worse than men. The group of employees of financial services at whom professional adaptation takes place most badly in comparison with other professional groups is revealed.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2014;(2):96-101
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The analysis of current foreign researches of person`s experience in virtual reality

Kuzmina A.C.


The review of current foreign researches devoted person in virtual reality is provided in article within three main directions: influence of virtual reality experience on the personality, application of virtual reality in training and psychodiagnostics. The article analyzes psychological resources of virtual pedagogical agents, possibilities of virtual psychodiagnostic and experimental environment modeling. Finally, this article presents an attempt of selective results analysis within the cultural activity approach to person in a context of personality meaning work on designing the experience in the virtual environment.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2014;(2):102-112
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Geography of incidence of tick-borne encephalitis in Russia

Emelyanova L.G., Popova A.N.


The article is devoted to the study of the spatial distribution of tick-borne encephalitis (number of cases per 100 000 persons) in the territory of the Russian Federation in the period from 2001 to 2011. The basis of the small-scale maps drawn supposed existence of cases of the disease in the administrative areas. This picture clarifies the distribution and incidence of tick-borne encephalitis in the country. Proven methods of mapping the spread of tick-borne encephalitis incidence can be used to estimate the incidence of other feral diseases.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2014;(2):113-119
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Preventive measures as an effective method of the case detection among women working in the electrical industry on the basis of CO. LTD. “TOGLIATTY TRANSFORMATOR

Semina E.V., Rozentsvet O.A.


The results of the periodical medical examination (PME) and the supplementary prophylactic medical examination (SPME) of women working at Co. ltd. «TOGLIATTY TRANSFORMATOR» in 2011 were analyzed. The SPME importance and necessity in terms of working women state of health detection and the supplement to the PME of women working in hazardous work conditions were shown.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2014;(2):120-127
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Determination of the PAH metabolites in human urine by high-performance liquid chromatography

Zykova G.V., Semenov S.Y., Smirnov V.N.


Measurement technique of the primary metabolite indicator - 1-hydroxypyrene in human urine is developed for the purposes of the human exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons biomonitoring. The technique is based on the HPLC with a fluorescence detector use employing an internal standard method.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2014;(2):128-131
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Peculiarities of formation of technogenic mercury pollution in the Amazon as a result of artisanal gold mining

Vorobev S.A., Stanis E.V.


The formation of technogenic mercury contamination in the Amazon basin occurs in a humid tropical climate. Investigations that have been conducted in the river basin. Topazhos showed that when stored outdoors waste dumps the mercury content is reduced by almost to 40 times. As a result mercury, which leached from the minerals transferred to the environment, forming technogenic pollution in the territory, many times greater than the territory of the gold mining plot.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2014;(2):132-142
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The linguistic aspects of the bioand linguo diversity interrelation

Lipatova N.A., Ulanova K.L.


The article is devoted to the matters of the linguistic variety and the relationship between human and ecosystem. The relevant issues of the linguistic theories and approaches based on the ecological principals are considered. The ecolinguistic problems referring to the language and environment interrelation are set. The special attention is given to the linguistic aspects of the language evolution tendencies.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2014;(2):143-147
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Review of the monographi S.M. Chibisov, G.S. Katinas, M.V. Ragulskaya «Biorhythms and cosmos: monitoring cosmobiosphere connections»

Chizhov A.Y.


Results are presented in the book, long monitoring of physiological parameters of a human body and heliophysical factors. The data obtained in researches, testify that geomagnetic storms cause desinchronosis of biorhythms of heart. It is shown that change chronostructure biorhythms is the indicator of a functional condition of the organism, one of the most important criteria of physiological adaptation of the person. The reviewed monograph is the scientific work making a powerful contribution to studying of chronobiology and chronomedcine and cosmobiosferes communications, and also in natural-science disciplines as a whole.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2014;(2):148-151
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