Modernization of the gas emissions treatment scheme of sodium bisulfite production line from sulfur dioxide

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Chemical industry enterprises are the main environmental pollutants that cause environmental problems. This is due to the production technology and the toxicity of some substances. In this paper, it is proposed to purify the gas emissions at the JSC “Karpov Chemical Plant” formed during the production of sodium bisulfite from sulfur dioxide by the adsorption method. As a sorption material, a modified energy waste - carbonate sludge from the chemical water treatment plant of the Naberezhnye Chelny CHPP - was used. The technological characteristics of the granular sorption material are presented. A batch adsorber with a fixed layer of granular sorption material is calculated. The modernization of the technological scheme for cleaning gas emissions from sulfur dioxide of the production line of sodium bisulfite at JSC “Chemical Plant named after L.Ya. Karpov” is proposed. The calculation of the prevented environmental damage and the economic effect of the modernization of the technological scheme is made.

About the authors

Larisa A. Nikolaeva

Kazan State Power Engineering University

Author for correspondence.

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Department of Water and Fuel Technology

51 Krasnoselskaya St, Kazan, 420066, Russian Federation

Elvira M. Khusnutdinova

Kazan State Power Engineering University


Candidate of the Department of Water and Fuel Technology

51 Krasnoselskaya St, Kazan, 420066, Russian Federation


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Copyright (c) 2020 Nikolaeva L.A., Khusnutdinova E.M.

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