Noise level at workplaces of motor transport enterprises in the cities of Irkutsk and Usolye-Sibirskoye (Irkutsk agglomeration)

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Noise is a form of environmental damage. An increase in the background noise leads to negative consequences for the mental and physical health of people. Noise is the greatest threat to those who by virtue of their profession are forced to constantly be exposed to it. The problem of increased noise levels in the workplaces of drivers of vehicles (buses and trams) in the cities of the Irkutsk agglomeration, as well as in sections of streets with installed noise screens (areas adjacent to linear sources of noise pollution and areas of sound shadow) is considered in the article. The legal framework for noise regulation in the Russian Federation is studied. With the help of a sound level meters, instrumental measurements of the noise level at workplaces and territories equipped with protective shields were made. The calculation of statistical characteristics and standard deviations of measuring instruments was carried out in the work. An analysis of the results obtained and their comparison with established sanitary standards for their excess were conducted.

About the authors

Svetlana A. Novikova

Irkutsk State University

Author for correspondence.

senior lecturer of Chair of Hydrology and Environmental Management of Faculty of Geography

1 Karla Marksa St, Irkutsk, 664003, Russian Federation

Dmitry N. Martynov

Irkutsk State University


bachelor, Chair of Hydrology and Environmental Management of Faculty of Geography

1 Karla Marksa St, Irkutsk, 664003, Russian Federation


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