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The formation of natural-technical systems under the influence of technological facilities at three oil fields of the Perm Krai was studied. Sampling of soil at different distances from the studied objects was carried out, after the content of oil products and chlorides was determined. Information is received on the geochemical transformation of the natural environment, expressed in halogenesis and bitumenization processes near technological facilities oil fields. The results were compared with the natural background concentrations of these pollutants, characteristic for each area of the study. Also a comparison is made in the context of types of technological objects and studied deposits. Based on the results of the work, the zone of technogenic influence oil field and chlorides of oilfield facilities on the natural environment was revealed. Specific features of the formation of various natural-technical systems on the territory of oil fields are determined.

About the authors

Sergey Viktorovich Isaev

Perm State University

Author for correspondence.

post-graduate student of geographic faculty of the Perm’ State University

15, Bukireva str., Perm’, 614990, Russian Federation


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Copyright (c) 2018 Isaev S.V.

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