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Objective. Rate micro rheological properties of red blood cells in people of mature age regular physical exercising on a treadmill.The total number of surveyed was 106 people, of whom 25 were under the age of 22 years, 28 people 30 years of age, 27 people aged 40 and 26 people 55 years of age on a regular basis for at least 1 hour a day, experiencing at home exercise on treadmill for at least the last 3 years. The paper used biochemical, hematological and statistical methods.It was found that regular exercise on a treadmill in mature individuals between 22 and 55 years a positive impact on the state of the lipid composition of red blood cells, accompanied by a weakening in their lipid peroxidation, increasing content in their blood discoid erythrocytes at a stable low level of reversibly and irreversibly transformed their species. These changes ensure the development of some of the surveyed prevalence of potential blood-thinning over the potential of its thickening. Thus, the weighted average value of the potential thickening, characterizing the whole process related to thickening of blood in the examined mature persons performing regularly jogs on the treadmill equal to 0.096. The value of the weighted average of potential blood thinners, which determines one digit capacity of the organism to contain the process of thickening of blood taken from people in the study was 0,098. As a result, the overall potential of the rheology of the surveyed did not have pathology of mature people exercising regularly physically on the treadmill had a slight negative, amounting to -0,002.

About the authors

N V Kutafina

Kursk Institute of Social Education (branch) of Russian State Social University

Social and Humanities Faculty

T A Belova

Kursk State University

Estestvenno and Geography Department


Copyright (c) 2016 Кутафина Н.В., Белова Т.А.

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