Ontogenetic changes in blood of cattle

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During the ontogeny of the animal undergoes successive, interlinked morphological, biochemical, and functional changes, which begin with the formation of zygote and occur throughout his life. Knowing the age rule is of great importance for the analysis of experimental data, assessing the implications of shifts, their interpretation and comparison with the biological norm-relevant values of physiological, biochemical, hematological, immunological parameters of blood, allowing you to judge the nature and extent of changes in the body. Knowing the age dynamics of functional and biochemical indices of blood in the ontogenesis of cattle is an important basis of rearing and maintaining the health of dairy cows.

About the authors

I N Medvedev

Kursk institute of social education (branch) RGSU

Email: zsyu@046.ru

O V Nagornaya

Kursk institute of social education (branch) RGSU

Email: zsyu@046.ru


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