On Coercive Solvability of Parabolic Equations with Variable Operator

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In a Banach space E, the Cauchy problem vt(t)+ A(t)v(t)= f (t) (0 >t > 1), v(0) = v0 is considered for a di erential equation with linear strongly positive operator A(t) such that its domain D = D(A(t)) is everywhere dense in E independently o t and A(t) generates an analytic semigroup exp{-sA(t)} (s < 0). Under some natural assumptions on A(t), we establish coercive solvability of the Cauchy problem in the Banach space C0β,γ (E). We prove a stronger estimate of the solution compared to estimates known earlier, using weaker restrictions on f(t) and v0.

About the authors

A. R. Hanalyev

RUDN University

Email: asker-hanalyyew@rambler.ru
6 Miklukho-Maklaya st., Moscow, 117198 Russia


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