Prosumption as a Political Practice in a “Producer-Consumer Environment”

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In this paper prosumption is characterized as a political practice in “producer-consumer” communities. Digital political prosumption is the result of the dissemination of Web 2.0., new social media, and 3.0. marketing. Political prosumption can develop in such forms as: the production of media political content (public journalism, political blogging, open news), citizens’ participation in ‘occupy’ movements and pirate parties. The principles of digital prosumption in politics are as follows: openness for public participation, assessment by communities, heterarchy, ad-hoc-meritocracy, common property, and personal service of community members. The appearing new forms of citizen participation are considered to be a transition to a democratic net society structure based on prosumption.

About the authors

N V Plotichkina

Kuban State University

Chair of Public Policy and Public Administration




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