S.L. Frank and the Eurasians: New Pages in the History of the Russian Philosophical Emigration

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Alexander S. Tsygankov

RAS Institute of Philosophy

Author for correspondence.
Email: m1dian@yandex.ru
12-1 Goncharnaya Str., Moscow, 109240, Russian Federation

Ph.D. in Philosophy, Research Fellow of the Department of the History of Russian Philosophy


  1. Obolevich T. Semen Frank, Lev Karsavin i evrazijcy [Semyon Frank, Lev Karsavin and the Eurasians]. Moscow: Modest Kolerov; 2020. 304 p.
  2. Trubeckoj NS. Pis'mo k P.P. Suvchinskomu, 19 oktyabrya 1925 [Letter to P.P. Suvchinsky, October 19, 1925], in: Glebov S. Evrazijstvo mezhdu imperiej i modernom: istoriya v dokumentah [Eurasianism between Empire and Modernity: History in Documents]. Moscow; Novoe izd-vo, 2010. P. 336—338.
  3. Frank SL. Pushkin ob otnosheniyah mezhdu Rossiej i Evropoj [Pushkin on the relationship between Russia and Europe], in: Frank S.L. Etyudy o Pushkine [Sketches about Pushkin]. Paris: YMCA-Press; 1987. P. 93—107.



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