Concerning the philosophical background of lyrical poetry: some preliminary notes

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The phenomenon of lyric poetry is described as a special, internally necessary form of self-realization of person in culture and, moreover, as a special form of self-realization of culture as it is. At the heart of this phenomenon there are the principles of spontaneous self-discovery of human personality in a rhythmic speech flow and at the same time — spontaneous integration of personality into trends and meanings of language and culture. Both of these principles assume, first, expansion of a search field of human memory and associations, and, secondly, a search field of communication between people. Thus, the lyric poetry appears to be a necessary, though semi-hidden, ingredient of sociality and civil relations, accustoming us to involuntary self-knowledge and aspiration to find contacts with the other person and, therefore, to wisdom and tolerance.

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E B Rashkovsky

All-Russian State Library for Foreign Literature





Abstract - 1944

PDF (Russian) - 91


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