V.S. Solovyev's perception of plato's cosmology

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The article deals with various historical aspects related to Vladimir Solovyov's perception of Plato's cosmology. In his views on the subject Solovyev was influenced not only by the prevailing in nineteenth century concepts of Plato's doctrine (as such of E. Zeller or F.Ch. Baur), but also he was inspired directly from philosophical and religious teachings of early Christian epoch. He suggested, that main role in Plato's cosmology plays doctrine of «The soul of the World», for the first time expressed in dialogue «Timaeus». The chain of its interpretations has formed permanent intellectual tradition, which covers full historical line from Plato to the systems of German idealism.

Y B Tikheev

Moscow Physico-Technical Institute

Факультет гуманитарных наук; МФТИ; Moscow Physico-Technical Institute


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