Sense Problem in Analytical Philosophy

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Object of research in the article are the basic concepts of the sense which has developed in analytical philosophy. Recognizing that the bases of an analytical paradigm of sense are put by G. Frege, the author gives primary attention to the analysis of a problem of sense in G. Frege's interpretation. It is underlined in the article the value of ideas of G. Frege not only for artificial, but also for a natural language. It's not casually that G. Frege is carry to number of founders of modern philosophy of language. In the article it is also shown that the analytical philosophy doesn't represent a homogeneous current. In this connection are allocated concepts frege-russel's type and concepts of sense of S. Kripke, K. Donnelan, H. Patnem as alternative to them.

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Larissa A Demina

Moscow State Law Academy

Moscow State Law Academy




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