Communication - a condition of the transfer of knowledge and technology ipmplementation Vim

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This paper examines the relationship of the communication processwith rational procedures. It is shown that due to the rationalcomponent of the communication process is not recognized at theeveryday level as the process is regulated and controlled. In this regard, we introduce a special term VIM-technology - technology, coercing member communications to take a well-definedinformation. The use of VIM-technology allows you to emphasizecommunicative community in that group, which provides informationwith predetermined properties, and the other group, whichinstinctively takes this information. It is shown that under the so-understood communicative doctrine is based on two worldviews: antropolatriya and sotsiolatriya.

A N Pavlenko

Institute of Philosophy

Отдел логики и эпистемологии; Институт философии РАН; Institute of Philosophy


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