Features of the volemichesky and haemo dynamic status at patients with abdominalny sepsis

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  • Authors: Hripun AI1, Salikov AV2, Tiunin IN2, Avdeikin SN2, Saenko LS2, Shurigin SN2, Rautbart SA3
  • Affiliations:
    1. RNGMA of Pirogov N.I. Bakinskaya
    2. 12 GKB
    3. GNZK, State Organization Russian Ministry Moscow
  • Issue: No S6 (2012)
  • Pages: 157-162
  • Section: Articles
  • URL: http://journals.rudn.ru/medicine/article/view/3686
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The retrospective analysis of patient's records of 54 patients with abdominalny sepsis, for the purpose of studying of features of the volemichesky status of dynamics of indicators of sokratitelny ability of a myocardium, preloading, post-loading and extra vascular water of lungs, and as for the purpose of an assessment of pro-gnostic value of these indicators is carried out. By means of technology of the modified termodilyutsiya of PiCCO plus (Pulsiоn Medical Systems», Germany) carried out monitoring of haemo dynamics and the volemichesky status. At implementation of the analysis of measurements, such as the index of extra vascular water of lungs (IEVWL), an index of intra chest volume of blood (IICVB), an index of global final and diastolic volume (IGFDV), an index of function of heart (IFS), an index of system vascular resistance (ISSS), established that negative dynamics of indicators of sokratitelny ability of a myocardium and IEVWL are failure prediktor at patients with abdominalny sepsis.

About the authors

A I Hripun

RNGMA of Pirogov N.I. Bakinskaya

The head of the department of surgery and FUV endoskopiya

A V Salikov

12 GKB

I N Tiunin

12 GKB

S N Avdeikin

12 GKB

L S Saenko

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S N Shurigin

12 GKB

S A Rautbart

GNZK, State Organization Russian Ministry Moscow




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Copyright (c) 2012 Хрипун А.И., Саликов А.В., Тюрин И.Н., Авдейкин С.Н., Саенко Л.С., Шурыгин С.Н., Раутбарт С.А.

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