Ultrasound semiotics of kidney and upper urinary tract with internal drainage and after stent removal in the experiment

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  • Authors: Shkodkin SV1, Kogan MI2, Ivanov SV3, Idashkin Y.B1, Stepchenko OI1
  • Affiliations:
    1. Regional Clinical Hospital of St. Joasaph
    2. Rostov State Medical University
    3. Kursk State Medical University
  • Issue: No 1 (2014)
  • Pages: 51-59
  • Section: Articles
  • URL: http://journals.rudn.ru/medicine/article/view/3190
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The frequency of surgical complications when using the ureteral stent is large enough. Using bioinert materials and coatings will reduce the frequency of complications. Ultrasound examination of stented kidney of 15 male rabbits breed “Gray giant” was carried out. All test animals both stent istalled. Stents are removed in a month, ultrasonic testing was continued for another month. Ultrasound of the kidney and upper urinary tract was performed by Aloka 3500 scanner with 8 MHz linear transducer. In the control group the urinary stasis and violation of renal blood flow were recorded throughout the term drainage and two weeks after stent removal, such complications were not observed in the study group.

About the authors

S V Shkodkin

Regional Clinical Hospital of St. Joasaph

Email: shkodkin_s@mail.ru
Urology Department; Department of surgical diseases № 2 Belgorod State National Research University Pobeda str., 85, Belgorod, Russia, 308015

M I Kogan

Rostov State Medical University

Email: dept_kogan@mail.ru
Department of Urology and reproductive health with a course of pediatric urology, andrology

S V Ivanov

Kursk State Medical University

Email: gospithirivanov@yandex.ru
Department of surgical diseases № 1

Yu B Idashkin

Regional Clinical Hospital of St. Joasaph

Email: shkodkin_s@mail.ru
Urology Department

O I Stepchenko

Regional Clinical Hospital of St. Joasaph

Email: shkodkin_s@mail.ru
Radiology Department




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