Long-term results of cholecystectomy

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Followed up the results of cholecystectomy for 10 years after the surgery. Consequences of cholecystectomy were assessed by measuring plasma levels of bile acids, the level of pressure in the stomach and duodenum, changes in the pancreas and stomach. Found that for ten years plasma levels of lithocholic, deoxyholic and taurodeoxyholic acids were increased by 44%. At the same time, the content of glycocholic and tauroursodeoxyholic acids decreased by 21.5% in 5 years after the surgery. Changes in plasma levels of bile acids associated with the changes of pressure in the stomach and duodenum. Revealed that the most marked deviations were observed in the distal duodenum. Pressureу level in this area exceeded the norm by more than 2.8 times. Increased pressure in the intestine accompanied by dilation of pancreatic ducts in 9.5% of cases and increased ultrasound echogenicity of the structure in 93% of cases. In all the cases, lymphofollicular hyperplasia of gastric antral mucosa with a high degree of Helicobacter pylori contamination was detected.

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A M Medvedev

Yaroslavl’ State Medical Academy

Email: lukaleon2009@gmail.com
Department of Hospital Surgery




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