Double standard as the method of intellectual discourse (is Russia the «occidental» civilizations antipode?). Part 2

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The complex analysis of modern world political reality in the context of consideration of an actual The article deals with the comparative legal analysis of trends more and more evident in works of foreign (mainly European and North American) scientists, whose non-critical estimations only exacerbate the systemic crisis in many spheres of public relations which significantly increases fundamental contradiction between the West and the East. Using the methods of historicism and comparativism, permanent deepening stagnation of «Western» model of democracy (both socio-economic and political point of view), which for several centuries was the «locomotive» of Christian civilization, and than was replaced by ideological, ethical and religious surrogates of multiculturalism and tolerance, is stated. According to the authors, the paradox is that the crisis in the most important spheres of public and private law relations is determined by a number of factors arising from the process of liberalization of those areas of human activity, the taboo nature of which several decades ago did not cause any objections. Globalisation - as a system process - encouraged actualization of such a phenomenon as «legal imperialism» (as component of which «legal colonialism» should be considered), the answer to which has become a large-scale radicalization of terrorist organizations, religious fanaticism and nationalist extremism. Unfortunately, neither the Anglo-Saxon nor the continental law system (without mentioning international law), despite some positive trends, failed to adequately respond to the demands of the day, thus only strengthen the negative component of the «Western» civilizational paradigm. Apart from North Africa, it is most clearly manifested in the Ukraine, where the scientists, ignoring the theory and practice of the historical process, actively rewrite and edit historiography of «independent state», thereby seeking to justify the «relevance» of the February coup. That is supported by foreign researchers, who increasingly actualize mechanisms of this kind to justify Russophobian concepts and doctrines of anti-Russian. Not wanting to give up the practice of double standards, representatives of Western scientific thought continue to provide a powerful ideological pressure on those who have traditionally been associated with the so called electorate, in a majority superficially knowing the history of even their countries. Propaganda substitutes science, giving priority to a wide range of myths, presumptions and unfounded ascertainings which no one calls into question. Aim of the article is using the methodology of comparative legal analysis to show the falsity of the scientific and ideological stereotypes existing in foreign and domestic political science.

About the authors

A A Klishas

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

The Department of Constitutional Law and Constitutional Proceedings Law Institute

V V Eremyan

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

The Department of Constitutional Law and Constitutional Proceedings Law Institute




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