Shtokman field geotechnical survey invironmental impact assessment

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The article is devoted to the integrated impact assessment of geotechnical survey on Barents Sea environment. The aim of geotechnical survey is to determine the properties of grounds in the region of projected economical activity.
Environmental impact assessment is carried out to minimize impact of the geotechnical survey during Shtokman field development.

I I Matiko

Closed (joint-stock) Company «Engineering-ecological centre „Econeftegaz»

Отдел ОВОС, ЗАО «Инженерно-экологический центр„Эконефтегаз»; ЗАО «ИЭЦ „Эконефтегаз»; Closed (joint-stock) Company «Engineering-ecological centre „Econeftegaz»


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