The Calderon-Zygmund Operator and Its Relation to Asymptotic Estimates for Ordinary Differential Operators

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We consider the problem of estimating of expressions of the kind Υ(λ)=supx∈[0,1]∣∣∫x0f(t)eiλtdt∣∣. In particular, for the case f∈Lp[0,1], p∈(1,2], we prove the estimate ∥Υ(λ)∥Lq(R)≤C∥f∥Lp for any q>p′, where 1/p+1/p′=1. The same estimate is proved for the space Lq(dμ), where dμ is an arbitrary Carleson measure in the upper half-plane C+. Also, we estimate more complex expressions of the kind Υ(λ) arising in study of asymptotics of the fundamental system of solutions for systems of the kind y′=By+A(x)y+C(x,λ)y with dimension n as |λ|→∞ in suitable sectors of the complex plane.

About the authors

A M Savchuk

Lomonosov Moscow State University

1 Leninskiye Gory, 119992 Moscow, Russia


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