The rights and obligations of leasers-farmers in Attica of the second half of the IV century BC. according to the lease agreements of sacred lands

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The purpose of the study is to reconstruct the range of rights and obligations of farmers-tenants of sacred lands (temenos) in Attica in the second half of the 4th century BC on the basis of epigraphic material. In modern historiography, there are no special works devoted to this problem. At the same time, the study of the legal status of the tenant farmer is of great importance for understanding the nature of land relations in Attica in the 4th century BC. Having studied the temenos lease agreements, the author characterized the legal status of tenant farmers, considering in detail their rights and obligations. The author’s conclusions: in accordance with the terms of the lease agreement, the tenant farmers personally cultivated the sacred lands, while their rights and obligations were clearly fixed in the temenos lease agreements.

About the authors

Elena Vladimirovna Bulycheva

Russian State University for the Humanities

Author for correspondence.
PhD in History, associate professor department of world history 6, Miusskaya square, Moscow, Russiaт Federation, 125993


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