Rand rebellion of 1922: the perception in British public opinion

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The article presents the research of the problem of white miners uprising in Witwatersrand in January-March 1922. The aim of the research was to surround the causes of the uprising, the reaction of British establishment and press, as well as the leader of the South African Union. Based on a number of sources, are shown the history of the issue and the driving forces of the rebels. The article contains an indication of both the traditional factors of the strike, characteristic of the industry of the fi rst half of XX, and the specifi c features of South Africa that aff ected the uprising. The author paid attention to the way of analyzing by the British press the causes of the uprising, and how various publications appreciate it, depending on their ideology. Besides, is considered the signifi cance of the uprising for further decision-making by the British leadership on colonial policy.

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Alexey D Streltsov

State Academic University for the Humanities

Author for correspondence.
Email: Dr.Watson.S@mail.ru

postgraduate student in History

32A Leninsky prospect, Moscow, 119049, Russia


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