Distinctly Byliny: Self-Reflecting Virtues within the Russian Epos

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The intent of this article is to deconstruct a direct, consistent cultural Russian ethos illustrated within the narratives of the Russian epos or byliny - what the author identifies as self-reflecting virtues. The article posits the presupposition that the byliny historically both delineate and propagate preferred socio-cultural characteristics that explicitly circumscribe Russian national identity. According to the author, the byliny exhibit three rather conspicuous distinct virtues as defining membership within the Rus clan: the love for and ability to conquer nature, the absence of spatial and temporal relevancy and being builders - these are the qualities that make Rus unique and are subsequently celebrated as cultural characteristics in the byliny. The article also briefly traces the history and form of the byliny.

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Ch Troye

Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology

Email: ctroye@cgsh.com <mailto:ctroye@cgsh.com>
Отдел этнологии русского народа; Институт этнологии и антропологии РАН; Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology


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