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Dear colleagues, representatives of scientific and industrial communities, contributors to Structural Mechanics of Engineering Constructions and Buildings journal! In Russia 2021 is The Year of Science and Technology. In recognition of that, the editorial board of Structural Mechanics of Engineering Constructions and Buildings journal decided to mark this occasion by publishing a thematic issue. All the articles are devoted to problems of reliability and safety of shell structures and perspectives of application of shells and thin-walled structures in the first half of the 21st century. This issue comprises publications of top-rated innovative scientists, as well as young researches, working in the field of shell theory. Here you may find state-of-the-art investigations on architecture of shells, their geometric and physical modelling, deriving analytical and numerical methods of calculating shells in terms of strength and buckling, under static and dynamic load. Results of application of various materials for constructing considered thin-walled structures are also presented. It is worth to point out that contemporary development of shell theory is based on the works of notable Russian scientists of 20th century: Vasily Vlasov, Anatoly Lure, Hamid Mushtari, Kurban Galimov, Valentin Novozhilov, Alexey Goldenweiser among others, and also the pioneers of shell theory school abroad: Lloyd Donnel, Wilhelm Flügge, Ernst Meissner, Eric Reissner, etc. Scientific and engineering professional community in Russia and abroad is aware of research in theory of shells and their practical implementation, which has been conducted by a scientific school at Academy of Engineering in RUDN University. This school was founded by Professor Vladimir Rekach and was subsequently developed by his student - well-known expert in the field of geometry and analysis of shells - Professor Sergey Krivoshapko. RUDN University has formed scientific ties with numerous well-known researchers and institutions in Russia. One of a kind interacademic workshop “Geometry and Analysis of Non-Canonical Shells” is held by Academy of Engineering of RUDN University. Co-founders of this workshop include RUDN University Department of Civil Engineering, MGSU Department of Strength of Materials and Department of Urban Development and Municipal Services, RSAU - MTAA Department of Theoretical and Structural Mechanics, IME Laboratory of Non-linear Shell Mechanics at KazanSc subdivision of RAS, VSTU Department of Strength of Materials and Applied Mechanics, MIIT Department of Theoretical Mechanics, MAI MSU Department of Mechanical Engineering and Machinery. RUDN University had a long-lasting and actively working dissertation council on Structural Mechanics major (code 05.23.17), which had conferred over 60 Candidate of Science degrees related to development of shell analysis and construction. This dissertation council reopened in 2021 in addition to the council on Structures, Buildings and Constructions major (code 05.23.01). High quality of education is attracting Russian and international graduates of RUDN University Department of Civil Engineering, who are entering Civil Engineering and Technology PhD program (code 08.06.01) with Structural Mechanics major. Not long ago architects and researchers in mechanics in Russia and abroad considered “Golden Age of Shells” to be a period between 1920s and 1960s, and since then the interest in designing and constructing shell structures and also applying them in various aspects of human activity has dropped. Now, investigation results of presented papers, examples of constructed shell structures in the beginning of the current century in various countries, which are highlighted in the articles, indicate that the interest decline for shells is over. The research themes supported by the journal are only welcomed. Structural Mechanics of Engineering Constructions and Buildings journal editorial policy is also worth mentioning, since the publications are of high scientific value, professionalism, methodically coordinated in terms of representation and correspond to the publisher’s reported thematic profile.

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V. S Fedorov


Email: stmj@rudn.ru
RAACS Academician, DSc, Professor, Head of MIIT Department of Structures, Buildings and Erections, member of the Expert Board of Higher Attestation Committee in Civil Engineering and Architecture


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