A collection of scientific works "Problems of Strength of Spatial Systems", published in 1992 due to the initiative of Prof. SN Krivoshapko, can be called the first issue of the Journal.

Later, in 1993, an inter-university collection of scientific manuscripts «Modern Problems of the Theory of Plates, Shells and Problems of Design of Civil and Industrial Buildings" (Vol. 2) was issued, and, at last, starting from the 3rd edition (1994), an inter-university collection of scientific manuscripts became to assume the name "Structural Mechanics of Engineering Constructions and Buildings". An Editorial Board consisting of four professors (M.I. Erkhov, V.A. Kopnov, S.N. Krivoshapko, and B.N. Ivanov) decided to publish only two issues of the collection per year. During the period from 1992 to 2004, 13 issues of the print collection were published.

Key title officially registred by ISSN Center: Stroitel’naâ mehanika inženernyh konstrukcij I sooruženij.

In early 2005, the Editorial Board of the collection consisting of professors M.I. Erkhov, S.N. Krivoshapko, Y.P. Lyapichev, and V.N. Ivanov with the support of RUDN University Rector Prof. V.M. Filippov decided to go over to the full value publication of central journal of the same name with 4 issues per year and later with 6 issues per year.
 The Highest Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia inscribed the Journal in the "List of Journals" for publication of basic scientific results of dissertations for the degree of candidate (PhD) and doctor of sciences (DSc). Thus, the Journal was recognized by Russian scientific community.

During the last years, the Journal widened the contingent of its authors. The prominent scientists and young researches from Russia, Japan, Serbia, Vietnam, Ukraine, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Benin, Cameroon, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan published their works in the Journal. 

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