No 2 (2008)


Queueing System G/M/n/r with General Renovation. Stationary Characteristics

Zaryadov I.S.


The queueing system with recurrent input flow, exponential service distribution, finite queue size and general renovation is revised. For this system such stationary characteristics as stationary distribution of the Markov imbedded chain, loss probabilities due system overflow and general renovation, time in system distributions for lost and served customers are found.
Discrete and Continuous Models and Applied Computational Science. 2008;(2):3-9
pages 3-9 views

On Stable Continuation of Potential Field with the ApproximatelyDefined Boundary

Laneev D.E.


The problem of the potential field continuation we consider in a case of an approximately defined boundary. We have obtained the stability of an approximate solution with respect to boundary error and to field data error.
Discrete and Continuous Models and Applied Computational Science. 2008;(2):10-18
pages 10-18 views

One Method of Analysis for Large Sets of Partly Deterministic Data

Lipkin A.A.


JSM-method of automatic hypothesis generation is one of the most promising methods in Data Mining. The goal of this method is the following: from the given facts database as a starting point make suggestions on the cause of an object possessing or not possessing some properties. This method was introduced by V.K. Finn [1]. Searching for causal-investigatory regularities in pharmacology and analysis of complicated compounds and protein formations in chemistry might serve an example of its usage. The author suggests another approach, different from the canonical one, in this article. That is set-theoretic approach.
Discrete and Continuous Models and Applied Computational Science. 2008;(2):19-29
pages 19-29 views

On New Method of Multivariate Extreme Values Modeling Basedon Threshold Approach

Nazarenko K.M.


We introduce generalized threshold approach for multivariate extreme values modeling. Using this approach we suggest multivariate generalized Pareto distribution definition. Bivariate generalized Pareto distribution based on Pickands representation has been examined with different statistical dependence function models. Numerical experiments with stock indexes data have been performed showing high efficiency of suggested models and calculation algorithms.
Discrete and Continuous Models and Applied Computational Science. 2008;(2):30-38
pages 30-38 views

Economics and Mathematical Modeling of Long Distance Telephony Market

Vasilyev S.A., Vasilyeva D.G., Klimenko D.A., Karnilovich S.P.


Using G. Fraja and F. Manenti approach for S. Salop model of the circular city the economics and mathematical market model for local and long distance telecommunication services is studied. For this model equilibrium tariffs, sizes of tariff zones, public welfare subscribers demand and surplus are researched under condition of a daily demand changing. Various variants of market structures and methods for their regulation are analyzed.
Discrete and Continuous Models and Applied Computational Science. 2008;(2):39-48
pages 39-48 views

Variational-Iteration Algorithms of Numerical Solving BoundState and Scattering Problems for Coupled-Channels Radial Equations

Chuluunbaatar O.


The variational-iteration algorithms of the numerical solving of the bound state and scattering problems for coupled-channels radial equations are presented in the framework of the Kantorovich method (KM). Reduction of the boundary problems with conditions of the third type for systems of coupled radial equations is executed by a finite element method (FEM) with a high order accuracy on a non-uniform grid. As benchmark calculation to check rate of convergence and decomposition KM and efficiency of the FEM approximations of problem, we used exact values of energy, a phase and lengths of dispersion for model of three identical particles (bosons) on a straight line interacting by the pair zero-range potentials. A comparison of convergence rate of KM and Galerkin method in numerical calculations of the ground state energy of the given model is performed.
Discrete and Continuous Models and Applied Computational Science. 2008;(2):49-64
pages 49-64 views

Entangled Solitons and Einstein{Podolsky{Rosen Correlations

Rybakov Y.P.


Stochastic realization of the wave function in quantum mechanics, with the inclusion of soliton representation of extended particles, is discussed. Entangled solitons construction being introduced in the nonlinear spinor eld model, the Einstein{Podolsky{Rosen (EPR) spin correlation is calculated and shown to coincide with the quantum mechanical one for the 1=2{spin particles.
Discrete and Continuous Models and Applied Computational Science. 2008;(2):65-77
pages 65-77 views

Neutrino Wave Functions and Transition Probabilities at ThreeNeutrino Transitions (Oscillations) in Vacuum

Beshtoev K.M.


Three neutrino vacuum transitions and oscillations in the general case were considered and expressions for neutrino wave functions in three cases: with CP violation, without CP violation and the case when direct e $ transitions are absent,i.e., at (13) = 0 (some works indicate on this possibility) were obtained. There were also computed transition probabilities for the case of CP conservation and for absence of direct e $ transitions, i.e. (13) = 0. It was shown that the probability Pe!e (t) at e $ e neutrino transitions is definitely positive value if m2 13 = m2 12 + m2 23.
Discrete and Continuous Models and Applied Computational Science. 2008;(2):78-90
pages 78-90 views

On Possible Types of Majorana's Particles

Kosmachev O.S., Gusev A.A.


Equations for two types of leptons are obtained. These leptons are singlets, i.e. they have not antiparticles. Either of the singlet equations is formed on the base of only one connected component (out of four possible) of the Lorentz group. Therefore these equations are non invariant under any discrete transformation such as space reflection, time reversal and their product. These properties are the most essential difference with respect to another leptons. Interactions with the singlet participation may be singled out for understanding a violation of the P- and T-invariance on a microscopic level.
Discrete and Continuous Models and Applied Computational Science. 2008;(2):91-99
pages 91-99 views

Coulomb-Multipole Analogues of Mott Effect

Pupyshev V.V.


It is shown that in the low-energy limit the quantum mechanical differential cross-section of two identical charged particles generated by the central multipole interaction in the Coulomb field oscillates rapidly. This angular peculiarity of the cross-section is the discussed and new phenomenon called the coulomb-multipole analogue of the Mott effect.
Discrete and Continuous Models and Applied Computational Science. 2008;(2):100-105
pages 100-105 views

Pravila oformleniya statey

- -.
Discrete and Continuous Models and Applied Computational Science. 2008;(2):106-106
pages 106-106 views

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