No 1 (2010)

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Theoretical Physics Department of PFU and «N.V. Mitskevich's Gravitational School»

Yefremov A.P.


The paper is dedicated to the creation of gravitational school at the Theoretical Physics Department of PFU.
Discrete and Continuous Models and Applied Computational Science. 2010;(1):5-7
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Basic Periods of the Development of Applied Mathematics and Computer Sciences in Peoples' Friendship University of Russia

Basharin G.P.


This outline is devoted to the history of applied mathematics and computer sciences as a direction of scientific and pedagogical activities of the department of physics and mathematics in Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (PFUR). It briefly describes basic facts of the formation of three modern departments - Information technologies, Telecommunication systems and Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics. The description begins from 1963 as a year the author joined PFUR and it reflects author's 46 years working experience.
Discrete and Continuous Models and Applied Computational Science. 2010;(1):8-14
pages 8-14 views

Derugin Lev Nikolaevich is Founder of New Scientific Field «Integrated (Planar) Optics»

Osovitskiy A.N.


The important contribution of Professor Deryugin L.N. to integrated optics development is described. Also the basic pioneer achievements of the scientists of the PFU radio physics chair in theory, technology and experiment in this area are listed.
Discrete and Continuous Models and Applied Computational Science. 2010;(1):15-19
pages 15-19 views

Ferromagnetism in Graphen and Fulleren Nanostructures. Theory, Modelling, Experiment

Grachev D.D., Rybakov Y.P., Sevastianov L.A., Sheka E.F.


This work is devoted to the construction of the quantum field model, allowing, in particular, to describe ferromagnetic properties in graphen structures adequately to the results of physical and numerical experiments. The offered model describes properties of monoatom graphen layers ( forming two-dimensional surfaces), which are connected with presence of nontrivial function of distribution of the spin density, formed as a result of spontaneous breakdown of the spin symmetry of valent electrons in atoms of carbon. Within the limits of the offered model possible exact solutions for field function of the spin density, explaining, in particular, experimentally observed ferromagnetic properties of graphen films are specified. Quantitative estimations of a thickness of the domain wall, dividing areas with counterdirected vectors of magnetization were suggested, which allows to check up offered theoretical model experimentally.
Discrete and Continuous Models and Applied Computational Science. 2010;(1):20-27
pages 20-27 views

About Embedding Theorem for Sobolev Spaces with Mixed Norm for Extreme Indices

Victorova N.B., Kutsenko I.L.


The embedding theorem is proved for extreme indices in two-dimensional case.
Discrete and Continuous Models and Applied Computational Science. 2010;(1):28-33
pages 28-33 views

The Inverse Boundary-Values Problems of Dynamics on Manifolds

Kondratyeva L.A.


The unverse boundary-values problem is formulated in supposition that the differentiable manifold, two points and the curve on it are given and there is required to construct the dynamical system on this manifold so that the curve is an integral one for this dynamical system. An example is considered: the motion of the material point along the loxodrome on the Earth surface.
Discrete and Continuous Models and Applied Computational Science. 2010;(1):34-38
pages 34-38 views

Inequality of Hardy Type for Integral Operators with Variable Limits of Integration in the Lebesgue Spaces with Measures

Aiman Alkhliel -.


In the work we prove necessary and sufficient conditions for the inequality of Hardy type for integral operators with variable limita of integration in the Lebesgue spaces with measures.
Discrete and Continuous Models and Applied Computational Science. 2010;(1):39-45
pages 39-45 views

Two-Points Dirichlet Problem for the Second Order Differential-Operator Equation in Locally Convex Space

Aksyonov N.A.


This paper gives an account of method, that allows to find a solution of the Dirichlet problem for the second order differential-operator equations in arbitrary locally convex space.
Discrete and Continuous Models and Applied Computational Science. 2010;(1):46-58
pages 46-58 views

SIP-Session Model with the Message Retransmission Mechanism

Nsangou M.M., Serebrennikova N.V.


In this paper we propose a SIP-session model with the message retransmission mechanism and TCP and RTP/RTCP as the underlying protocols. The mathematical model is developed using the Markov chain theory, the analysis method is described. The theoretical results are numerically illustrated.
Discrete and Continuous Models and Applied Computational Science. 2010;(1):59-66
pages 59-66 views

An Approach to Construction of Integrating System which Unites Databases in Medicine

Pankratov A.S.


The problem of integration of the information contained in the electronic maps of medical clinics and other medical institutions is considered. Purpose - to build complete clinical vision of disease of patients. As integration technology is proposed to use a mediator with the auxiliary data warehouse. This approach is described by a concrete example.
Discrete and Continuous Models and Applied Computational Science. 2010;(1):67-75
pages 67-75 views

Beam Dynamic Calculation by NVIDIA CUDA Technology

Perepelkin E.E., Smirnov V.L., Vorozhtsov S.B.


The optimization of the central region structure of the cyclotron requires a tedious iterative procedure using a substantial amount of the particle tracking in the machine. The problem becomes even more complicated when the beam space charge effects should be taken into account. The solution of the problem was attempted via upgrade of the recently developed computer code CBDA based on the beam dynamics calculation by the NVIDIA CUDA parallel computing architecture. The main part of calculation was performed without application of the CPU, and only a video card with GPU of about 100-200 processors was used. An application of the video card with the GPU instead of multi-processor computer is very cost effective solution in this case.
Discrete and Continuous Models and Applied Computational Science. 2010;(1):76-82
pages 76-82 views

Propagation of the Monochromatic Electromagnetic Waves in Irregular Waveguides. A Brief Introduction to an Analysis in the Case of Smooth or Statistic Irregularities

Egorov A.A., Sevastianov L.A., Sevastyanov A.L., Stavtsev A.V.


Two cases are examined in the paper: propagation of waves in smoothly irregular and statistically irregular dielectric waveguides. The peculiarities of approximate solutions of vector electrodynamic problems in both cases are discussed. The offered methods are applicable for analysis of similar dielectric, magnetic, optic and meta materials structures in enough broad band of electromagnetic wavelengths.
Discrete and Continuous Models and Applied Computational Science. 2010;(1):83-92
pages 83-92 views

Modeling of Interaction of Visible Spectra Electromagnetic Wave with Anisotropic Layer

Lovetskiy R.P., Khokhlov A.A.


Modeling of interaction of TE and TM light polarizations with optical structures, which characteristic dimensions comparable to the optical wavelength, is actual nowadays because of modern directions in development of microelectronics, optical electronics and medicine. Energy saving solar technologies are developed in USA and Europe very intensively, development and optimization of solar batteries need robust mathematical models of interaction of light and solar cells coverage. These models are also applied in LED and OLED displays development and improvement. High quality mirrors, polarizers and other optical elements (less than 1 micrometer in width) are claimed in modern optical-electronic devices. It is significant that different prosthetic devices can be developed using these models, for example - artificial eye based on multilayer collagen structures.
Discrete and Continuous Models and Applied Computational Science. 2010;(1):93-99
pages 93-99 views

On Electron and Pion Identification using a Multilayer Perceptron in the Transition Radiation Detector of the CBM Experiment

Akishina T.P., Derenovskaya O.Y., Ivanov V.V.


The problem of pion-electron identification based on their energy losses in the transition radiation detector (TRD) is considered in the frame of the CBM experiment. For particles identification an artificial neural network (ANN) was used, a multilayer perceptron being realized in JETNET and ROOT packages. It is demonstrated that, in order to get correct and comparable results, it is important to define the network structure correctly. The recommendations for such a selection are given. In order to achieve an acceptable level of pions suppression, the energy losses need to be transformed to more effective variables.
Discrete and Continuous Models and Applied Computational Science. 2010;(1):100-109
pages 100-109 views

Defining the Areas of Self-Oscillation in RED-Like Systems

Korolkova A.V.


The method for self-oscillation area evalution and critical (stationary) point selection is introduced for the interaction model of TCP-Reno traffic with a node operating under one of Random Early Detection (RED) algorithms. The numerical results for RED algorithm are presented.
Discrete and Continuous Models and Applied Computational Science. 2010;(1):110-112
pages 110-112 views

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Discrete and Continuous Models and Applied Computational Science. 2010;(1):113-114
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Discrete and Continuous Models and Applied Computational Science. 2010;(1):115-115
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