Calculation of the Magnetic System by the Solution of Inverse Problem

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In this paper we study the problem of searching for the design of the magnetic system for creation of a magnetic field with the required characteristics in the given area. On the basis of analysis of the mathematical model of the magnetic system rather a general approach is proposed to the solving of the inverse problem, which was written by the Fredholm equation: H(z) = ? SJ(s)G(z,s)ds, z ? U, s ? S.
It was necessary to define the current density distribution function J(s) and the existing winding geometry for creation of a required magnetic field H(z). In the paper a method of solving those by means of regularized iterative processes is proposed. On the base of the concrete magnetic system we perform the numerical study of influence of different factors on the character of the magnetic field being designed.

About the authors

R V Polyakova

Institute for Nuclear Research Joliot-Curie

; Institute for Nuclear Research Joliot-Curie

I P Yudin

Joint Institute for Nuclear Research

; Joint Institute for Nuclear Research


Copyright (c) 2012 Полякова Р.В., Юдин И.П.

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