Determining the Trajectory of a Gyroscopically Stabilized Projectile in Air by Using Dual-Projective Variables

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Early developed method of integrating the ballistic equations in dual-projective variables was applied for the gyroscopically stabilized projectile under action of relatively weak lift force L = γV 2 ≈ 0.1mg and the force of air drag R = αV 2 ≫ mg, both their coefficients α() and γ() being strongly dependent on angle of attack . Obtained are both exact and approximate expressions for the resolventa function f(b) = a bb′′(b) , with the a(b) and b = tg being an intercept and slope of trajectory respectively.

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V V Chistyakov

Yaroslavl’ State Academy of Agriculture

Department of Electric Engineering


Copyright (c) 2013 Чистяков В.В.

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