Rotating Cosmological Bianchi Type VIII Modelswith Fluid Sources

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Within the general theory of relativity the Bianchi type VIII cosmological models with rotationand expansion have been built. The first case includes a field of radiation, the second one -a perfect fluid with dust-like equation of state. Perfect anisotropic fluid imitates the rotatingdark energy. Static and dynamic cosmological modes have been observed, at the same timethe equations of state are partly postulated in the first case for the anisotropic fluid and inthe second case - for the perfect isotropic fluid, that imitates baryon matter. The analysisof absence of closed time-like curves has been done, so the models have been proved to becasual when the metric parameters satisfy the found conditions. Also the conditions, when theanisotropic fluid’s equation of state becomes vacuum-like, the energy of the fluid dominatesand it becomes asymptotically isotropic, have been cleared out. Specialities of the oscillatingmode have been observed. The order of present angular velocity value, calculated within thecosmological models, has been found to be quite satisfactory when expanding from the Plank scale to the present size of observed part of the Universe. The found solutions may be used foreffects taking place nowadays and also during the inflationary stage.

About the authors

D M Yanishevskiy

Department of Higher Mathematics Perm State University

Author for correspondence.

Yanishevskiy D. M. - applicant of the Department of Higher Mathematics of Perm State University

15, Bukireva St., Perm, 614990, Russian Federation


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Copyright (c) 2017 Yanishevskiy D.M.

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