Symbolic-Numeric Solution the Shroedinger Equation for Rotating Solid Body by Diagonalisation Method

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The eigenvalues and wave functions of the rotational quantum top Hamiltonian with a different three moment of inertia by the diagonalisation method in the basis function system that realized the all four irreducible representation of the discrete D2 group are obtained. For the low rotational moment value J = 1,2,3,4 the analytical formulae are calculated. But in the case of any rotational moment values the systems of equation are obtained that with the mean of the modern computer program packages allow very easy to calculate the spectrum and eigenfunctions of asymmetric quantum top. As example, for the rotational moment value J=50 by the help of Maple system eigenvalues are performed and its dependence versus of the parameter asymmetry are presented.

About the authors

I N Belyaeva

Belgorod National Research University


N A Chekanov

Belgorod National Research University

N N Chekanova

Kharkov Institute of Banking of National University of Bankin



Copyright (c) 2016 Беляева И.Н., Чеканов Н.Н., Чеканова Н.А.

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