Evaluation of the hospital rheumatology department procedural nurse activity in terms of the quality of life of patients

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The life quality of the patient, hospitalized in the rheumatology department, is determined not only by its functional abilities (especially musculoskeletal system), but also by mental comfort, that largely dependent on the adaptive capacity of the patient, surrounding situation, attitude of staff and awareness of the patient. The procedural nurse ranks the third place after the head of department and the attending physician, and in some groups is the leader by the importance for ensure the mental and physical comfort of the patient. Totally, self-rating of health is determined by the ability of self-weakness, duration of illness and frequency of panic disorder. The majority of patients evaluated their health as average (54%) or good (42%). The majority of patients (88%) are pessimistic about the forecasts of the disease. 46% of respondents believe that the disease will lead to the impossibility of self-service and 42% disability. However, more than half experiencing depressed psychoemotional state, physical weakness of the average level, more or less pronounced fatigue. Therefore, the activities of procedural nurses of rheumatology department of a hospital is extremely high for the quality of life of patients. The work of department procedural nurse, carrying out official duties, is regarded by patients as excellent or good, with the leading factors of an excellent rating is the inability of patients to self-care and the possibility of loss due to disease among patients. Between evaluations of medical services, professional level of medical personnel and work of procedural nurses a positive correlation was revealed, which is evidence of the importance of the work of nurses, including nurse procedural, for the perception of the patients of the health service as a whole. The evaluation of procedural nurse of the rheumatology department of the hospital, conducted by surveying patients and statistical processing of results, showed the high importance of procedural nurses work for the quality of life of patients exceeding the rating and occupational level of the rest of the nursing staff. Her work most highly valued by patients with potential or realized risk limits functionality and is a reserve of quality improvement of health services in general.

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E S Breslavskaya

1City Clinical Hospital №1 named after NI Pirogov

Email: ekaterina-zhilkova@yandex.ru
Moscow, Russia

L V Maksimenko

Peoples' Friendship University of Russia

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Moscow, Russia

A V Tadjieva

Peoples' Friendship University of Russia

Email: tadzhieva_av@pfur.ru
Moscow, Russia


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