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The rights to other people's land in Roman law

Byshkov P.A.


The article provides a brief overview of the genesis of limited real rights to land in Roman law. The characteristic of the main types of limited real rights on the land that existed in Roman law.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2010;(3):5-10
pages 5-10 views

Place of judiciary the separation of powers in Russian

Yaroshenko N.I.


The article is dedicated to the principle of division of powers and a special place of the judiciary in Russia. The research is based on an analysis of scientific works of Russian and foreign authors, legislation and legal positions of the Constitutional Court of Russia.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2010;(3):11-19
pages 11-19 views

Russian banking system as an object of public administration

Mamedov A.A.


The article examines the government banking system, an objective which is essential for life as the subjects of the market economy and population, and the state as a whole determines its universal, public, nature in all socio-economic formations. That is why the state can not be detached from the banking activity and considers the banking system as a priority item of public administration, linking the interests of banks, and the population, and economy of the state general, taking laws and other regulations in the field of financial activities of the state associated with different areas of banking activity.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2010;(3):20-33
pages 20-33 views

Concept and features of investment in current Russian legislation

Inshakova А.O., Shishenko M.S.


In the article the author reveals essential characteristics of «investment» and «investing» categories and identifies fundamental features of the investment process in legal aspect. A detailed analysis of different expert points of view on the legal nature of investment and investment process in general is carried out. An investment contract as a basic element of the investment process is described. A place of investment in the system of other legal institutions is defined. Differentiation of investment from other constructions, such as insurance, employment contract, lease and etc. is argued.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2010;(3):34-41
pages 34-41 views

The mechanisms of ensuring of Russian national interests in the information sphere

Kunyaev N.N.


The article researches some actual questions of ensuring of Russian national interests in the information sphere. It represents an analysis of such terms as «national security», «information security», «national interests».
RUDN Journal of Law. 2010;(3):42-48
pages 42-48 views

The features of the legal status mortgage offices in the US historically

Ponka V.F.


The article discusses the historical retrospective provision of U.S. banks mortgages. It marks the formative stages of the U.S. mortgages system. The features of the U.S. mortgages system.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2010;(3):49-54
pages 49-54 views

Role and place of the inherent and implied president powers in the constitutional governance system of the United States of America

Kucherenko P.A.


The article covers the problem of constitutional law in the United States of America, connected with the presence of considerable scope of inherent and implied powers of the US president. Investigating legal and historical origin of American presidency institution, the author makes the analysis of reasons of the specified powers occurrence, their interaction with the president express powers, their place in legal system of the country and correlation with the constitutional principle of the authorities division.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2010;(3):55-65
pages 55-65 views

The grounds for enforcement of a disciplinary sanctions to security professionals by US Commission on the Securities and Exchange

Kapustin S.A.


The article focuses on the analysis of the legal grounds for enforcement of disciplinary sanctions to security professionals in the U.S. For this purpose it is considered an appropriate legal acts which are the basis of an administrative legal mechanism of enforcement of disciplinary sanctions to security professionals and it is explored the SEC administrative practice in this area.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2010;(3):66-75
pages 66-75 views

State regulation of use of natural resources and the environment defense in US

Volkov А.М., Lyutyagina E.А., Linkov A.S.


In article the analysis of the U.S. legislation in the field of use of natural resources and the environment defense and directions of perfection of the legislation of Russia are offered.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2010;(3):76-85
pages 76-85 views

The Law-related Policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan: new development priorities and succession

Udartsev S.F.


The author briefly describes the Concept of the Law-related Policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the period of 2010-2020 that was approved on August 24, 2009 by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The main priorities of this Concept and the potential of legal system development for the nearest decade are also within the scope of the article's subject. The author believes that this new Concept would help the science of law and legal practice, the lawmaking and law enforcement, the juridical education and legal nurture to integrate tighter in a uniform system. The author states that this Concept would shape the potential for architectonic interaction between the state and the civil society.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2010;(3):86-97
pages 86-97 views

Lisbon Treaty - the new basic document of the European Union

Levina N.P.


Lisbon Treaty (official: Treaty of Lisbon amending the Treaty on European Union and the Treaty establishing the European Community) entered into force on 1 December 2009 and replaced the Constitution, which was not ratified. The Lisbon Treaty was created to improve the functioning of the European Union and strengthen its role and position in the world. With the Treaty there will be changes in the structure of the EU.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2010;(3):98-104
pages 98-104 views

Practice of international safety management of civil aircraft in law of the People's Republic of China

Liu Xin -.


The article analyzes the current legal problems regulating international civil aviation flights in China, is determined by compliance with national laws on international flights to the Convention on International Civil Aviation 1944 (Chicago Convention).
RUDN Journal of Law. 2010;(3):105-113
pages 105-113 views

The right to alternative service

Abashidze A.K., Kolesnikova A.V.


This article deals with some issues related to the human right to alternative service instead of military service.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2010;(3):114-121
pages 114-121 views

International legal criteria of minority

Dekhkanov S.A.


This Article is devoted to research of minority international legal criteria with the further purpose of working out legally obliging definition of the term «minority». Complexity of uniform minority criteria development is connected with various situations variants of their existence. The author analyzes existing law approaches and offers own vision of the problem and variants of its decision.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2010;(3):122-131
pages 122-131 views

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RUDN Journal of Law. 2010;(3):132-133
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