No 4 (2011)

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The formation of the governor's institute during peter the great's reforms

Mikheeva T.T.


The thesis is devoted to the formation and evolution of the governor's institute in the Russian empire during Peter the great's reforms.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2011;(4):7-18
pages 7-18 views

International electoral standards: notion, form and significance for Russia

Egorov S.N.


In this article different points of view concerning the notion «international electoral standards» are analyzed; the author proposes his own understanding of this phenomena and explores the international documents describing the international electoral standards; in the present article the author also discloses the significance of the international electoral standards for Russia.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2011;(4):19-26
pages 19-26 views

Problem of definition of quality of the government (on an example of coordination legal practice)

Maksurov A.A.


Article is devoted problems of definition of quality of the government, considered on an example of coordination legal practice. Research is based on the analysis of a parity of quality of coordination legal practice and its efficiency.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2011;(4):27-30
pages 27-30 views

Legal guaranties of the rights of the stockholders at the reorganization of the joint-stock companies in uniform merger and annexation in Russian Federation

Kiaschuk I.Т.


At the article is rated question about guarantees the rights of the stockholders at the reorganization of the joint-stock companies in the form of merger and annexation in Russian Federation.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2011;(4):31-38
pages 31-38 views

Implementation of the European Court of Human Rights in the criminal process of the Russian Federation

Selina E.V.


The article is devoted to the legal nature and modern treatment implementing the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights in the Russian criminal proceedings. The study is based on an analysis of scientific works of Russian authors, the Russian Federation legislation and jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2011;(4):39-46
pages 39-46 views

The concept of the accused: legal basis and views of academic writers

Bakhromov I.A.


The article deals with the concept of the accused in the theory of the criminal process and criminal procedure legislation of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tajikistan. The subject of the article is of certain current interest as there are many publications on the defendant's right to defense, but very few on the concept of the accused. The author analyses the above notion in terms of the historical, theoretical and legislative aspects. The article features the findings of the research, suggests proposals to improve legislation and outlines some practical implications.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2011;(4):47-53
pages 47-53 views

Police and society: legal regulation relationships

Adinyaev S.I.


This article discusses the organizational, preventive, law-Nye-police-public relationship at the federal, district, regional and local level.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2011;(4):54-61
pages 54-61 views

General social measures to prevent transactions on legalization of proceeds derived from criminal activity in Russian corporations

Denisov I.K.


The article proposes the basis of directions of the state and social system of the Russian Federation to establish the measures necessary to prevent the legalization of property proceeds acquired by criminal means.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2011;(4):62-69
pages 62-69 views

Resozialisation minors of the public influences condemned on the basis of system: history and the present

Pozdnyakov W.M.


The inquiry about realisation has increased in modern conditions of reforming of criminally-executive system of Russia at creation of new type of establishments for minors condemned - the educational centres with progressive system of execution of punishments - in them resozialisation activity of public influences. Thereupon in article the material historiographic and comparativ о researches on attraction of institutes of a civil society to Resozialisation minors condemned is presented.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2011;(4):70-81
pages 70-81 views

Problems of legal regulation of palliative care

Ponkina A.A.


This article is about concept, characteristics and problems of legal regulation of the palliative care.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2011;(4):82-91
pages 82-91 views

Control System French colonies in the Caribbean (XVII-XVIII centuries)

Marchuk N.N., Sangadzhiev B.V., Yashina M.V.


The article is devoted to the evolution of the organization management system French colonies in the island possessions of the Caribbean in XVII-XVIII centuries. The research is based on an analysis of scientific works by foreign authors, the French royal edicts and ordinances concerning the organization of control colonies.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2011;(4):92-98
pages 92-98 views

Constitutionally-legal regulating usage of mineral resources in some countries of Asian-Pacific region

Filatov V.K.


The subject of this article is urgent problems of legal regulating usage of mineral resources in some countries of Asian-Pacific region, that is in historical, geographical and political way connected with Russian Federation. In this meaning the most actual is the experience of Japan and The People's Republic of China.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2011;(4):99-104
pages 99-104 views

Harmonization of international private law in the states of MERCOSUR: history, present, trends

Sitkareva E.V.


The article analyzes the development trends of international private law of the Latin-American states; the unification of the indirect (conflict) rules and direct material rules in the end of the XIX - the beginning of the XXI centuries. There is also analyzed international conventions, as well as its influence on the reform of international private law of the Latin-American states.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2011;(4):105-109
pages 105-109 views

«Recodification» - the vector of the development of civil law (the case of bills of amendments to civil and commercial codes of Peru 1984 and 1902)

Belikova K.М.


The article covers one of the urgent issues of modern civil law - the issue of codification of law. The author examines the vectors of codification and touches upon provisions of bills of amendments to civil and commercial codes of Peru 1984 and 1902.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2011;(4):110-116
pages 110-116 views

Establishment of sports infrastructure as one of the priorities of the national modernization

Ponkin I.V.


This article is devoted to issues of legal support of the development of sports infrastructure in Russia and in France. The author of the report provides an overview of the French report «Arenas in 2015».
RUDN Journal of Law. 2011;(4):117-123
pages 117-123 views

Features of the Canadian government sports policy: first results of analysis

Kazakov R.V.


The article is devoted to issues of legal regulation, framework and implementation details of public policy on the sport in Canada.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2011;(4):124-128
pages 124-128 views

Poverty - the violation of human rights

Abashidze A.K., Koneva A.E.


The eradication of poverty is one of the most vital issues facing the international community. Numerous international documents, including the Millennium Development Declaration and Goals, recognize the relationship between poverty and human rights. The whole UN human rights mechanism, including the Human Rights Council and its special procedure - the independent expert on the question of human rights and extreme poverty, is activated in order to eradicate poverty. The Human Rights Council invited the independent expert on the question of human rights and extreme poverty to prepare the draft guiding principles on extreme poverty and human rights, the adoption of which might become an effective step in the process of eradication of extreme poverty on the international level.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2011;(4):129-139
pages 129-139 views

Comparative analyses of provisions of the un's General Assembly's resolution 96 (I) and Convention on the preventive and punishment of the crime of genocide

Daduani T.G.


Comparative analyses of provisions of the UN's General Assembly's resolution 96 (I) and Convention on the Preventive and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide is made is this theses. The common and different provisions of these acts, dealing with key approaches prosecution for this serious international crime are exposes in the theses.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2011;(4):140-147
pages 140-147 views

Forms and types of recognition in modern international law

Dzhantaev K.M.


On the basis of the analysis of various concepts of a recognition and consideration of the mechanism of action of this institute of recognition in time, generalizations of modern practice the author comes to the conclusion that separate («intermediate») forms of a recognition (de facto, ad hoc) lose the initial value, giving way to an official recognition in full volume (to a recognition de jure).
RUDN Journal of Law. 2011;(4):148-163
pages 148-163 views

Notion and features of international framework

Korotkiy T.R.


The article deals with the definition and identification of characteristics framework conventions and peculiarities their structure. The investigation is based on an analysis of the Framework Convention in international environmental law and international healthcare law.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2011;(4):164-171
pages 164-171 views

Supranational in the European Union and the effect of community law

Mescheryakova O.M.


Article is devoted to concept «supranational» and to the sovereignty of states-members of the European Union. The dissertation represents complex research of legal aspects of supranational in modem law of the European Union. Article is devoted such important during an epoch of creation of integration communities to a problem as a question on a parity of the supranational in the European Union which as the main principle assumes a principle a priority of the right of the Union over the national right of member states, and also a principle of direct action of the right of the European Union and sovereign statehood of the countries-participants. After all the European Union is an integration community which, certainly, assumes that its participants and founders are the sovereign states. However presence of two specified principles is not absolutely combined with the developed representations about the international
RUDN Journal of Law. 2011;(4):172-179
pages 172-179 views

International control of national registers pollutant release and transfer

Solntsev A.M., Petrova N.A.


This article analyzes the reasons which led to the creation in many countries national pollutant release and transfer registers (PRTRs) in the 80 years of the twentieth century. Postulated the importance of creating uniform international standards for PRTRs, which were firstly recorded in Kiev Protocol on Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers (May 21, 2003). This PRTRs concerns 86 substances, including heavy metals, greenhouse gases, carcinogens and substances that cause acid rain. The study notes the importance of the Compliance Committee of the Kiev Protocol. Now individuals, NGOs and the States may file a complaint to the Committee of non-compliance by States of the provisions of the Kiev Protocol.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2011;(4):180-192
pages 180-192 views

Aspects of legitimacy of decisions of international courts

Tarasova L.N.


The main aspects of international legal character, dealing with the doctrinal appraisal of legitimacy of decisions of international courts are analysed in this theses by the placing manner.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2011;(4):193-201
pages 193-201 views

The right to education in the Lautsi and others v. Italy case (the European Court of Human Rights)

Semenova N.S.


The article is dedicated to the case Lautsi and Others v. Italy concerning the right for parents to have their children educated in accordance with their religious and other views, set forth in article 2 of Protocol I to the European Convention on Fundamental Rights and Freedoms 1950, the final judgment on which was issued by the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) March 18, 2011. The study is devoted to analysis of the case, including legal, moral and ethical implications of the argument of the Italian Government and the ECHR's decision for the whole European community, including Russia.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2011;(4):202-209
pages 202-209 views

Cultural rights as an integral part of the human rights system

Kukin Е.А.


This article examines the place of cultural rights in the system of fundamental rights and freedoms. We consider the interpretation of cultural rights in various international instruments and in the General comments of the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2011;(4):210-218
pages 210-218 views

Translation techniques of legal texts and forensic linguistics

Meshkova I.N.


The article examines translation techniques of legal texts from French into Russian in the mainstream of Forensic Linguistics - a new field of science that studies the interaction of language and law and stresses the importance of mastering the translation techniques for adequate translation of legal texts.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2011;(4):219-223
pages 219-223 views

American universities' experience in LL.M courses for foreign students

Novichkova V.V.


The author looks at the LL.M. courses for foreign students in USA. Special attention is paid to the so called Joint courses suggesting two degrees. Cross disciplinary programs include a number of law disciplines along with MBA, economics, history, philosophy, political science, bioethics and sociology at a choice. The author's conclusion allows estimating the strengths of the American LL.M. course for foreign students at the time of developing the third generation curriculums for Russian higher school.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2011;(4):224-229
pages 224-229 views

Scientific events of the PFUR Faculty of Law (June - October 2011)

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RUDN Journal of Law. 2011;(4):230-234
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The rights protection of indigenous peoples at the international level

Kislitsyna N.F.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2011;(4):243-246
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50 anniversary Faculty of Economic and Law PFUR

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RUDN Journal of Law. 2011;(4):247-249
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Muromtsev Gennadiy Illarionovich

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RUDN Journal of Law. 2011;(4):250-251
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Grebennikov Valeriy Vasilevich

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RUDN Journal of Law. 2011;(4):252-253
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