No 2 (2008)

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The provincial development according to governor's order of 1837

Alekseev S.A., Mihkeeva T.T.


The thesis is devoted to the evolution of the governor's institute in the Russian empire. The article is focused on the problems related to formation and development of governor's institute according to Governor's order of 1837.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2008;(2):5-11
pages 5-11 views

Pobedonostsev's views on the people representative state body in Russia

Pavlov N.V.


The article is devoted to the views of Attorney - general of the Holy Synod K.P. Podedonostsev on the possibility of existence of representative state bodies equally with the monarch in Russian empire in Nineteenth century, and also his attitude to the representative state bodies in other states.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2008;(2):12-17
pages 12-17 views

Some questions of legal regulation of privatization of the municipal property of the separate subject of federation (on an example of Moscow)

Alekseev S.A., Shebeko V.A.


Clause mentions are one of the most complex legal questions of last time - legal regulation of process of transition of the property right in a modern Russian transitive society. The detailed analysis of process and conditions of privatization is lead. Features and specificity of the mechanism of privatization of the municipal property, characteristic federations for separately taken subject are considered.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2008;(2):18-27
pages 18-27 views

Autonomy as national territorial self-government

Ulyanishchev P.V.


The article is devoted to the reasons and value of occurrence of territorial autonomies. It also gives the evolution of opinions of Russian scientists on this institution. The analysis of kinds and types of autonomic formations, as well as the classification of autonomies are presented in the article.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2008;(2):28-36
pages 28-36 views

Russian unitary enterprises' civil law legal personality

Pervukhin M.V.


The article describes the main point of the legal personality of Russian public and municipal unitary enterprises, its character and differents from other commercial organizations in accordance with The Russian Federation Civil law.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2008;(2):37-42
pages 37-42 views

The financial monitoring: participants, objects and importance

Proshunin M.M.


This article is devoted to legal issues of definition of financial monitoring in normative acts and scientific literature. The issues of subjects, objects of the financial monitoring and purposes of the financial monitoring are described in this article as well.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2008;(2):43-50
pages 43-50 views

Special features of contribution of the titles for trade marks to the chartered capital of the companies

Kashirskikh V.V.


This article considers the matters concern contribution of absolute titles for trade marks to the chartered capital of commercial companies.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2008;(2):51-58
pages 51-58 views

Freedom information legal restrictions in the copyright realization

Melkin A.S.


This article deals with some legal restrictions on information freedom in exercising private copyright to obtain and disseminate it.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2008;(2):59-66
pages 59-66 views

Transnational corporations and employees' rights protection in European Union law: analysis of legislation

Shubina J.S.


The article is devoted to some aspects of the protection of transnational corporations`employees under the laws of the European Union.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2008;(2):67-71
pages 67-71 views

Codification of civil code in harmonious society of China

Liu Junpin -.


The article is concerned with the problem of drafting civil code in china. The author also analyzes the special features of drafting civil code in the context of forma tion of harmonious society in China.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2008;(2):72-75
pages 72-75 views

The second Lebanon country and the compact AT-TAEF

Zorkta Omaya Nawaf -.


The article studies the role of the national reconciliation treaty in the modern history of Lebanon in particular for constitutional reforms.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2008;(2):76-79
pages 76-79 views

International legal cooperation of the Republic of Tajikistan with Organization of United Nations

Mansurov U.A.


The article deals with international legal aspects of cooperation of Tajikistan with the UN. The article highlights the position of Tajikistan, its initiatives the solution of global problems of the international community within UN.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2008;(2):80-86
pages 80-86 views

The sovereignty of the states-members of the European Union and the Treaty of Lisbon

Meshcheryakova O.M.


The article is devoted to the problem of the abrogation of the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe. Also we consider the principal causes which were the reason of such a succession of events.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2008;(2):87-93
pages 87-93 views

The Protection of Arctic Environment (International legal aspect)

Tchistukhina S.N.


The article deals with international legal rules focusing on the protection of the Arctic environment, regulation of the activity of the Arctic states in the Arctic by international and national rules, also such international organization as Arctic Council and the Council of Barents Euroarctic Regoin.
RUDN Journal of Law. 2008;(2):94-100
pages 94-100 views

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