Security measures and conditions of their applications under criminal law of Somalia

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The article discusses security measures provided by the criminal code of the Federal Republic of Somalia. Analyzes the types of these measures, the basis and criteria for the use of, link to punishment. Draws attention to the peculiarities of application of security measures in Somalia. The author brings out the similarities and distinctions of the relevant measures and criteria for their application in Somalia and other countries (in Italy, Russia, Germany, etc). The article notes that in Somalia security measures established by law can be applied regardless of the fact of committing the crime, can replace criminal penalty or be used along with it. Also, the security measures that can be applied only to minors, for example, placing the person in the reformatory are considered. The author analyzes the use of safety measures in practice.

About the authors

- Abdikarim Ali Ahmed

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

The Department of Criminal Law and Procedure


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