Fluctuations in system of civil society

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In article an attempt to define a place and information role in a difficult legal mechanism of formation and development of institutes of civil society taking into account application to this problem of cybernetic approach is made. The dual social and legal nature of a phenomenon of civil society in Russia consists that, on the one hand, it grows not «from below», and is formed «from above», at will of the state having opportunity to operate development of civil society by means of information, perceived by its institutes, on the other hand, civil society represents the difficult open social system which development qualitatively depends on development of elements making it. Dialectic possibility of such development is provided by information which elements of system exchange and which completely can't be controlled by the state.

About the authors

L Yu Grudtsyna

Russian economic University of a name of G.V. Plekhanov

Email: ludmilagr@mail.ru

A V Lagutkin

Russian economic University of a name of G.V. Plekhanov

Email: a-lagutkin@yandex.ru


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