Ethical and legal status of abortion: history and current state of a problem

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This article is devoted to discussion of ethic and legal problems of an artificial abortion. This «eternal» question keeps the relevance. In 2015 the bill of a ban of abortions was introduced in the State Duma of the Russian Federation. Historical aspects of the relation of the Russian legislation to a problem of abortions are considered in the article. It becomes perceptible that a present situation in the domestic legislation - a direct consequence of the events which occurred after October revolution of 1917 when Russia became the state for the first time in world practice completely legalized abortions. Throughout the XX century the problem of artificial abortion gradually lost moral and humanitarian aspects, and today most of Russians perceives abortion as especially medical problem. Authors support the new bill which is rigidly limiting production of abortions, believing that the fetus since the moment of objective establishment of its existence by methods of modern medicine has to be considered as the person having all corresponding rights including the right for life. A legislative ban is a step on the way of the termination of distribution of the liberal ideology denying the personal status of a fetus and undermining moral principles of society concerning murder.

About the authors

E N Gnatik

People’s Friendship University of Russia

The Department of Ontology and Epistemology

E A Sokova

People’s Friendship University of Russia

The Magistrate of Law Institute


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