Law is an integral element of culture: to the 85th anniversary of RUDN professor Gennady Illarionovich Muromtsev

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Dedicated to 85th anniversary of the Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor of the Theory of Law and State Department, Dead of the Scientific Direction “Social and Cultural Investigations of Law” Gennadiy Illarionovisch Muromtsev. The scientist’s contribution to legal science has been analyzed. The focus is on his investigations in the sphere of legal and political systems of the developing countries, general theory of law, and comparative law. G. I. Muromtsev looks at the specifics of legal systems of the developing countries in combination with different elements of legal cultures within the national legal systems; this makes their structure, the system of sources of law, the technique of its systematization and so on significantly inconsistent. Professor G. I. Muromtsev for the first time in the theory of law of this country revealed the specifics of the traditional law and law-governed nature of its origin. Also for the first time ever, he gives the universal definition to the notion source of law, which is acceptable not only to European but also to traditional law. He investigates law as an integral part of culture; through this prism he examines contemporary Russian law. He gives original interpretation to legal technique, the code of laws in reference to Russian conditions. He has developed fundamentaly new conceptions of genesis of the law, mononorm, historical typology of the law; for the first time from materialistic standpoint he revealed the law-governed nature of the origin, structure, and evolution of Muslim law.

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Arkadiy V. Kornev

Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL)

Author for correspondence.
SPIN-code: 7939-1668

Doctor of Legal Sciences, Full Professor, Head of the Department of Theory of State and Law

9 Sadovaya-Kudrunskaya str., Moscow, 125993, Russian Federation


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