The concept and structure of «Sports product» in sports law

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The article is devoted to one of the key concepts in the field of sport and sports law - the concept of «sports product». Many defects of legal regulation in the field of sport today determined the lack of proper understanding and due consideration of a number of specific characteristics of sport, the unique phenomena (including sports product as the phenomenon), defining a specificity of this sector. Sports products are very numerous and varied. But that sports competitions are the attractor (point of convergence) of the totality in the field of sports a variety of products. The article shows that the relations in the field of sports industry has 3 main elements: consumers of sports products, actually sports product, suppliers (including intermediaries) of sports product. The article presents the author's definition of «sports product» concept. The article presents the author's description of the types of sport products (sports product is described as an integral concept). The authors note that the concept of «sports product» includes the following items: 1) Intangible sports products, 2) physical sports products, 3) mixed (material and non-material nature) sports products. The article shows the main sports products are formed, produced and / or supported by the state within the framework of public administration process. This article describes the features of sports-entertainment products and sports information (as a kind of sports product). The nature of sporting competition as a sports-entertainment product essentially is mostly unpredictable, which actually attracts the consumer of this product, providing not only entertainment, but also a certain intrigue, uncertainty. Sport is increasingly becoming a product of the entertainment industry. And it is important to take into account and reflect in the law the existence of the sport variety of sports products.

About the authors

Igor Vladislavovich Ponkin

Kutafin Moscow State Law University

9, Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya st., Moscow, Russia, 123995

Alena Igorevna Ponkina

Kutafin Moscow State Law University

9, Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya st., Moscow, Russia, 123995


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